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Le bal 2012 trying to stage its final gasp for air…

Well its that time again… Supposedly the event will take place on November 24th 2012 in Paris. Though one never knows… truth is a difficult thing to find with the organizers. I decided to log in and give a little update…

So far the media has basically ignored the press releases that went out October 26 and later. Finally they are seeing the bogus promotional event for what it is. Only 2 french online/local media outlets carried it. One is a freebie you can pick up weekly by subway stations which is mostly ads (for all sorts of things including escorts etc). The other seems strictly online. That other one was especially critical of the event. Basically a bad revue of the passe’ event that this has become. Calling it anachrinistic, a mockery, anti-fashion, etc… and all sorts of French insulting comments that will be an embarrassment to anyone attending and the organizers. International media is staying away. And who can blame them. The obvious has come out. The event has nothing to do with fashion anymore. It has nothing to do with society either. It mostly infringed on what fashion means to most people. And ridiculated the French tradition by honoring southeast asian denim sweatshop producers and asian mafias. It dresses little girls in old lady dresses that were not meant for their bodies… (because it reuses runway samples that were deisnged for skinny models 2x their height)… The suppliers of the jewelers were not French. The guests were not french, or if French, desperate to promote their personalities due to poor PR. The charity was not French last year! .. and by all appearances was non-existent in 2011 or earlier. It was a bunch on non-French trying to play the illusion of being French while missing the point of the industry and quality. Apparently Lauren Bush was a no-show- even though it was allegedly to her charitable benefit last year, she seems to have boycotted. (Just as Demi did the second year once she realized the conflict of interest between her charitable interest and the guest of honor (Silas Chou)).

This year, the Charity is the bogus French known as Enfant d’Asie… the same that did not see the connection between the problems they try to solve in SE Asia, and the honored guests that own the very sweatshop factories(Chou) and brothels(Triad) that exploit the women and children the charity supposedly works to help(it is very easy to research this online- no secrets there… only ignorance or blatant denial of truth). Furthermore, when historical records were reviewed with the European Governmental organization that tracks the donations received by registered charities in France… there were none reported for Le Bal. So either nobody gives money, or the charity does not properly register the funds as required by law (or they were so small they were included in the mediocre ‘miscellaneous’ recording. (something smells like and organized crime cover up here according to a field researcher that has been tracking that and sending me the messages about it.)

New this year… Just as the previous owners of the Crillon fired the le bal organizers(resulting in the cancellation of 2010), and Le Bal had to scramble for extra financial support from the Adlers to hold the ball in 2011. The Adlers finally fired the organizers of le Bal. In their place some odd substitute has come out of the woodwork. A New York resale boutique(of course owned by some uber wealthy persons- no doubt the new sugar daddy for the whole expensive charity event that does not raise any charity funds…. What a fall from grace to loose the last good jeweler… arguments with Mikimoto… then awkward history with the Adlers… and now some NYC business trying to be something they are not… ? You have to wonder what could actually be showcased… but more importantly… it seems that there are better local French shops of better caliber to do this… Why import from New York?!  Eve Cazes is a respected Gemologist in Paris with amazing stock … (Address: 20, rue de Miromesnil – 75008 Paris) just besides presidential residence… Surely this would have been better for a French event?! but it is still a mockery of the original concept of promoting a high end jeweler and reflects the decline of le Bal…Eve said it best many years ago…’ when people had money, they went to Place Vendome… now that they don’t… they come to me’ (meaning shops like me)… and so the organizers, after they have been dropped by all the top jewelers in Paris and Switzerland and Japan… have resorted to a resale shop on the Upper East side of New York city… No money… no class… is it really any different? and did they have to go to New York to do it?!?!?!

Le Bal de Bastards, if it will go on… I am sure will reveal a new set of illegitimate and or legitimate bastards that the organizer has ‘carefully checked the pedigree for’ (not) … Who will it be this year? Please understand… its not really that it should matter in this day and age, yet the organizers distribute all sorts of garbage about the special pedigree and lineage of the attendees. Their lies are ridiculously inflated when the reality translates to lists of girls and families that are in fact opposite of this reality. I am sure this year will produce the same… But if you are going to go around and lie about carefully checking pedigrees and only admitting those especially worthy of it because of family lineage and status, you really need to make sure to do your homework and avoid claiming heirs that are bastards and illegitimate in the eyes of the church, society, and or even social and legal conventions of titles.

Will any of the invited guests actually look on the internet and research the background to see if its worth risking their reputations and actually showing up at this farce?! It is as if being on the list marks the beginning of the end for careers and reputations. Due to the constellation of notorious figures, no doubt every body gets investigated too. But what about the futures of these poor young girls that are the victims of the lies? Will the parent protect them and keep them away for their own good? Or will they allow them to be exploited and made to look like harlots? Or have their families secrets (IE illegitimate birth status’ etc) come out to haunt them for the rest of their lives?!

Questions will be answered by the end of the week… what past dated D-list star will be considered the celebrity? What notorious guest of honor will sit across the table from them to try to improve his or her bad social status or criminal past? Will the organizer still insist on anorexic girls even though her earlier benefactors(Vogue) have banned anorexic models in their publications? Will they be true to that in this case? Will they illegally claim dresses are haute couture even though they are not (And barely any were in 2011). If you care at all… I will try to post an update by the end of the week.


Oh Yawn… Well I can tell there are still hold outs, but luckily… obviously… mainstream media is avoiding this event.

A comment from ‘Amanda’ reminds me that I should provide some updates. Happily, This Year Vogue international decided to ban models that are too young, and or too skinny. Its a sign that our campaign to end the sickening image of anorexia in fashion is working. Moreover, hopefully they will recognize also that this events choice to put younger and younger girls, and many that are too skinny, into the various borrowed frocks is no longer an appropriate image for the fashion industry.

I was also thrilled to note a major piece this week on CNN highlighting Haute Couture. This well researched piece did not mention the impostors at Le Bal a single time! I guess that also goes to show that the fashion industry knows a mock event when they see one.

I only hope that any innocent families that receive invites this year or any year do their research and discover what a disgrace it might be to have their name associated with it. Last year the one of the princess of Arabia did not realize until too late. Only to face disgrace within his family and from the people of Saudi Arabia when it came out about this elitist event objectifies and publicly displays underage girls as sex objects, as well as its primary association with a major alcohol distribution firm LVMH.

It remains to be seen if the event will take place this November 2012… or if another bad excuse will be made for skipping a year as has occurred when Starwood’s dumped the event and it had to wait a year until a new owner of the Crillon was willing to tolerate it(and partially fund it).

But for any that wonder about this event… just remember… the truth is out there. Just google the names of event attendees/invitees and their children. My favorites are those such as Silas Chou and Stanley Ho, but there is a plethora of disgraced politicians, hasbeen and wannabee celebrities, desperate to hold onto and or gain fame, and even mafia trying to socially launder their history into a mock altruism. The list of illegitimate children and or bastards born out of wedlock is shockingly long. The false claims to non-existent or contested noble lineages are multiple. And all you have to do is Google it. Don’t listen to us. That’s ok. But check your sources independently and make sure they are from those not influenced by former attendees or their children, IE LVMH, Vogue, Silas Chou Brands, the Independent newspaper, etc. Because they all cooperate to mutually promote each other. Several of Vogue execs and contributors have had their children in the event(Amy Fine most recently), and promoted the event as if it was a Vogue (or at least Forbes) venture. Naturally even Forbes had to post it as a top ten party one year, the year in which the person who wrote the article was an attendee… and for several years ended up a chaperon and chief UK contact for directing people towards the promotion of it (now works for Tatler. The years in which the Independent(UK newspaper) spoke so highly of the event, were the very same in which the daughters of the papers’ owner attended, the niece of the reporter attended eventually also, etc. The fashion companies that tended to support the event were all mostly under the umbrella of LVMH and especially Bernard Arnault… whose daughter was an attendee and best friend was notorious Stanley Ho of Triad history. It is true that there are some powerful and even sinister attendees and honored families… but don’t be fooled by this mock-event in which all the participating suppliers and attendees are mutually promoting each other under the guise of a legitimate party. Now many of the attendees are sort of recycled… sets of younger sisters placed to be on display… especially since it is so hard to get legitimate guests for this illegitimate event. And those that accidently get roped in do what they can to stay away. Once Demi Moore realized the mock status and the direct conflict of interest between her charity interest against slavery, and the big guest Silas Chou who is connected with forced labor in Mae Sot… she had to mysteriously cancel. Clint Eastwood also withdrew participation when it became clear of the events connections with some organized crimes. A French charity (Enfant D’Asie) that formerly cooperated with it (because of the instigation of a French actress and the participation of her two daughters) also withdrew when the truth came out about the events honoring of questionable attendees. Indeed, once any legitimate person discovers the truth, they back out. Its the lucky ones that back out before having their name involved.

published to daily truffle, in case she blocks me… :-)

John says:
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November 30, 2011 at 7:16 AM

Hi Caroline! Two years gone by … Ophelie Renouard and le bal is back, and so am I! 🙂 In the past you encouraged me to tell all. I feel obligated to get started here. The truth is, this one is such a mess that its impossible to cover every point. Some just fade in importance when you here the big issues.

Now your article looks well researched but missing the harder truths… and the scandals that is creeping into every bodies articles… Especially ‘Where was Demi!!!” Don’t believe it that it was the divorce that kept her away. I got my hands om a juicy thank you letter to Demi that was released to the press. Its from some anti human trafficking activists. They are thanking Demi for Boycotting the event, which she did due to her own chosen charity to fight human trafficking. Want the press release? Just ask, or check it out on my blog(the website slot).
But that is not the real juice about this years ball. As you know, in 2009 Triad Mafia boss Stanley Ho was honored when his Grandaughter was one of the participants.
This year sort of topped it. YES topped that. It was le bal de Sweatshop! She really did focus on the fashion. Aside from infringing on the protected status of haute couture many times during interviews (there are countless public references that ‘all girls wear haute couture’), she ALSO invited no less than three notorious names in sweatshop exploitation in fashion production!
Specifically (the citations are on the thank you letter to Demi), Silas Chou (Vivienne and Veronica Chou’s father) was head of Tommy Hilfiger at a time when there was a scandal and discovery of Exploited Burmese factory workers in Mae Sot Thailand. He sold his stake and moved out of the company soon after. He is still Asia’s (the worlds?) biggest denim producer as Novel Industries, and still heads Micheal Kors with a Russian/Canadian partner. The name Hilfiger also comes up in the case of Saipan. This was a Marianas Island that flew the USA flag. Clothes produced there could be considered ‘made in America’. Saipan had promised Chinese workers jobs ‘in America’ and then enslaved them in subhuman condition. As it turned out, and large companies later settled with monetary compensation because of their involvement… included in the list, Hilfiger, Gap. and J. Crew! All guests of this event. All associated with exploitation and near slavery. Hypocritically at an event whose focus is haute couture- which is a standard of workshop and good environment, good employee terms, that no other country can even afford to produce. So isn’t it odd that these companies would be there? Not at all. These companies are the reality in fashion production, and they want association with this event to add legitimacy to themselves. I suppose in business, that might be acceptable… but what is really sickening here, is the pretension in which the list is considered to be so special, when it is a promotional event. We all know that O Renouard frequently is quoted as saying how carefully she selects the girls, only from families of high standards, blah blah blah.

The photo credits on the Czech photobank say it all… Credit goes to Adler, Crillon Hotel, Nissan, Inifniti, MAC cosmetics and ALexander De Paris. All these have paid and contributed. Others in the list, employ Mrs. Renaourd to promote their names and give them status. We know this, because she now advertises this on her OR communications website. This event is pure promotion.

Glossed over is the facts about why 2010 was cancelled. The Sternlichts who owned the hotel no longer wanted her to do the event for them. Now, Sheik Wallid Saad (new Arabic owner of le Crillon Hotel) wanted a party thrown, so he could meet some celebrities. O Renouard must have promised him that. I am not sure if she delivered though.

It turns out a lot of the titles are fact

Corpo della Nobiklita- Ciculo Giovanile ( The result of the search returned No results match with the name Countess Olimpia Capodilista. The ‘Princess of Parma” also did not appear in that list. Unfortunately, according to a knowledgeable friend, he had a hard time finding any legitimate name on her list this year that is associated with an actual throne. In fact, in the case of Italy, no new titles were recognized after 1948. Anyone born after that time does not have a title. Early on, Le Bal was calling the Indians ‘princesses again, but quickly stopped that and no longer do. There is no such thing as an Indian princess.

Other issues abound… but I am out of time…. I really wish some others would start reporting the truth about this event.

letter sent to feed

Attn General director and Mrs Lauren Bush. It is hard for us to verify if Feed attended the le bal event, but for all appearances you did not, and for that we thank you. Hopefully our information, or research of your own helped you to make the right moral choice. According to News sources, the event still hopes to donate funds to you. I strongly urge you to reconsider any acceptance of such funds. While dirty money may help to feed a few children, it is the unethical acts of the parties attendants that will only multiply the amount of hungry children in the world top far worse proportions. Please reject any funds from that source(le bal), and make a clear public statement to the fact.

The following is the press release we have sent to some news agencies.

For General Release:
RE: Le Bal de Debutantes, Crillon, November 26, 2011

The children of Mae Sot (Thailand) and I would like to personally thank a few people for their recent commitment to fight human trafficking and exploitation of impoverished people.

Recently, news reached us about the Crillon ball event known as ‘le Bal du debutante’ being held at the Crillon Hotel, Paris France. Due to its sad history with labor exploitation, and subsequent years of decline, the region I write from has endured much suffering. It is still a major hub of various criminal focuses. Worst of all, the exploited men, women, and children endure much because the alternative, which is to stay in Myanmar(Burma) is not an option. Desperately, they seek refuge across the border, but are thwarted by those that would use them for profit.

When my associates and I heard of the le Bal event, known infamously for honoring Stanley Ho in 2009, we were shocked again to become aware of this years notorious guest lists. Indeed, once you gloss past the few celebrity names that are meant to legitimize the party, you see names like Silas Chou (formerly serving CEO of Tommy Hilfiger at a time that made Mae Sot famous due to the factories exploitation then of Burmese workers).  He is owner of family company Novel Industries, and leads the denim textile industry in Asia if not world wide. He was also associated with sweatshops and exploitation((EXPLOITATION IN GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINS: BURMESE MIGRANT WORKERS IN MAE SOT, THAILAND. Journal of Contemporary Asia, Vol. 35 No. 3, 2005, pp. 319-340.)). Another name on the list, Remy Fisher… descended from the family known for creating the Gap label. This label also has a history, along with J. Crew invitees (the Hornes) of sweatshops and specifically settled in regards to the incident in the US territory of Saipan (Made in the USA’ in near slave conditions… see examples such as
Still more intriguing, the charity was the brainchild of Lauren Bush… who worked for Hilfiger in 2001 around the time of the Chou Mae Sot incident. And still more interesting was the Thai invitee, daughter of CP Group Thailand… known infamously for its connections to the Bush family(Lauren’s father specifically) and questionable financial behavior involving donations to no less than three former presidents. One after another , the Crillon Ball 2011 guest list was indeed outrageous for those of us working in the field. Especially since the event focus was on Haute Couture… which is supposed to relate to high quality production of gowns, the opposite of what you could expect from an Asian factory producing blue jeans.

We immediately began a plea to fellow NGO’s working to fight human trafficking and exploitation to help us inform the public and the event goers what was wrong. Still more perplexing was the fact that Demi Moore was on the guest list, and her name was being used to legitimize the event, even though she very publicly objects to human trafficking and tries to work towards the end of human slavery. We especially sent information to Mrs. Moore whom we felt was being misled, and may not have even realized who was actually on the guest list, as it is released only days before the event each year. We feel that corrupt agencies, and even legitimate though somewhat immoral industries use opportunities like these to legitimate or justify their activity. Even if they have remorse for earlier activity, it does not change how they made their billions and it can not undo the harm brought upon the exploited. Worst of all, it seems that the organizers of the event are well aware of their choices. They regularly claim that they carefully check and research the guest list. They have decades of experience. The organizers own website ( advertises her services of introduction in high society to improve image so they seem to deliberately manipulate and even lie to the media to reach their end.

We are happy to say that our small flash campaign was fairly successful. We could see its effects as the organizers of the event scrambled to repress information from the international news media. By the day of the event, the Chou family name was no longer celebrated, and no where in the media. Most importantly, we could see that somehow Mrs Moore independently made the right decision and decided not to attend due to the events conflict of interest with her charitable interest. (Despite party appearances recently (Halloween).

We will not rest as long as such immoral and unethical behavior exists. The fight is not over for any of us. This event still gets positive PR as if news agencies no longer fact check. They mislead the public, even some that have been informed of this events issues for years, they clearly pander to the monetary support behind their ownership. Keep up  the good fight, and wherever possible, cite the true life publicly recorded incidents related to each of the guests on the list.

We would like to warmly thank everyone who took part in our small flash campaign to get the word out, and especially Mrs. Demi Moore for her moral conviction to boycott the event despite the stress it may have introduced on her families thanksgiving holidays. We also would like to thank Mrs. Lauren Bush who also appears to have boycotted the event and stand against the causes of malnutrition. We thank you all from the dept of our heart.

UNODC Field Agent (Affiliated)
Further contact information withheld due to safety concerns.

Don’t believe Demi did not go because of depression,…. she partied on Halloween!

Don’t believe Demi did not go because of depression,…. she partied on Halloween! (and that was weeks ago…)
My Hero!!!! Apparently she is boycotting the event because of a letter Eliza sent her. (Eliza works with human trafficking victims). Demi’s excellent research team obviously independently verified what we are tryng to say here… just like Clint Eastwood did in 2009.

Please post for me Peerpressure….

Hi- I keep trying to post these comments on news media coverage, but they always block me…. especially conde nast, daily mail, telegraph. Please post…. because it summarizes an important point about this years guests…


I was really disappointed to see in your wires section that you decided to run an AFP piece about the Crillon Ball de Debutante happening tonight November 26, 2011.

I thought you were a sincere newschannel. By just running that AFP piece without checking the background, you are re-posting and perpetuating lies about hype for an event that is a bit of a farce. AFP is being lied to, and by extension so are you. But you are independent. Don’t you do your own fact checking?

You need only see two major articles… to understand the guest list (though this is just the chip of the iceberg).

The guests a very much repeat users. Silas Chou’s family is there for the second time, he is mentioned by name in the following article:
Journal of Contemporary Asia, Vol. 35 No. 3, 2005, pp. 319-340.

Lauren Bush’s family is long involved. But do note, Lauren is the daughter of Neal Bush.
You can read more about him in this article:
Influence Peddling, Bush Style. The Nation. published this story on October 23, 2000.

Interesting enough, the article also relates to the Thai guest…Dhanin Chearavanont…another corrupt person.

Lauren Bush also previously worked for Silas Chou (Tommy Hilfiger)

Once you wash the wealth aside, you see a rather sinister collection of people who already know each other, and are perpetuating a lie to improve their reputations, as well as associate their products with French Quality.

The last issue you need to know is how this event has infringed upon the protected status of ‘Haute Couture’ for decades. There are some dresses that are Haute Couture. But the organizer deliberately misleads the public to believe that ALL gowns are Haute Couture when they are not. She writes the AFP pieces too!
She has gotten into trouble for this too. The President of the Chambre Syndicale de le Haute Couture has had to demand that she cease and desist from illegally using the term without his permission. The status of this protected French artisanship has been protected for nearly 100 years. The form is very much threatened by cheap Asian production of substandard goods by exactly producers like Silas Chou and others attending the event. They do this, obviously to increase the brand recognition of their substandard products. All of which further threatens the endangered status of Haute Couture. They do so while saying they are trying to celebrate it. Ironically, as the first article indicates, it is also the poor production ethics of exploitation and sweatshops in Asia that is also causing abject poverty in Asia. Isn’t it ironic, and hypocritical to be supposedly holding a charity for poverty persons to feed them? Isn’t it even worse to do so over some lavish event?

And meanwhile France24 and others like yourselves are treating it like real news, with real fame. All it that it is, is infamous. Go ahead and look deeper at some of the other amazing names that have been celebrated. There is worse. What I dealt with is just tonight’s guest list. Really just a chip of the iceberg.

Who am I? A field worker, writing you from Thailand… where I really try to help poor and exploited children, women, and men of Mae Sot.

If you have any self respect left as a news agency, and if you do not somehow owe it to this big money to help them perpetuate this lie, I strongly urge you remove the story, and if you print anything in the future, make sure its based on the facts… That the event is a fake, that they illegally infringe on a protected French institution for personal gain, that there is a constellation of powerful and corrupt persons trying to socially launder their names into society.
Every attendee knows about this. The Conde Nast publications blatantly support and run it, Bernard Arnault is tied up into it. Demi Moore found out about this, and my sources tell me she is not going to attend because it is in conflict with her anti Human trafficking charity. Clint Eastwood did similar 2 years ago when he chose to boycott due to the presence of certain other guests. The same issues of 2009 resulted in the cancellation of this event in 2010.

I sincerely hope you explore this, do your own fact checking, and inform your viewers honestly and ethically about the truth.

Sincerely Eliza

Found an amazing article that highlights the not so positive relationship between the Bushes and the Thai families participating this year at le bal

Its amazing… this whole event is an infinite onion… Look at this website article (published originally in the Nation) about the Bush family and Clinton involvement with CP group (the Thai invitees family company).

Neil Bush is the father of Lauren Bush, the head of the alleged charity known as the ‘Feed Foundation’. Be sure to look at HIS wikipedia bio!!! and also search his name and the term ‘Sex scandal’

Why is nobody else stunned about this stuff. Its obvious that everybody knows each other here.


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