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Mirror of comment to mid-day Mumbai

I feel you really got your story wrong about the Le Bal de Debutantes. Any person is able to see online that your story is just trying to be some sort of feel good social article, and in the same comment act as if a person should be proud to have triad mafia invited. Furthermore, of head of state has ever attended. This is blatantly false. Berlusconi did not attend… he was not head of state at the time, and his ‘born out of wedlock’ daughter went alone. Eastwood also specifically boycotted the event… his estranged daughter went using his name. How unfortunate to be presented to society at that event which turns out to be so bogus. The Ambani inheritors of the monopoly may have lots of money but their staff let them down by not researching the event background… The media also misses the obvious and or never reports it… the truth in which every person is trying to improve their image through the paid services of the organizer. Yes- its a bogus paid event i which the participants hope to use celebrity status i order to look more important and more charitable. The event has never managed to report any substantial charity… and in this case, the celebrity is the Italian Stallion (1970) adult film star Sylvester Stallone. How embarrassing for the Ambani clan to have their daughter presented to the honored guest of an adult film star?! Will she ever find a husband with a reputation like that?!

Who else needed to improve their reputation? Well the Italian girls that are trying to claim Aristocratic status when the titles were banned by constitution 1960… and more importantly Henry Fok… grandfather of one of the debutantes and well established Triad gang member. Indeed a deeper review of the guest lists from various years reveals a sordid and notorious list of wealthy but socially ‘untouchable’ persons.


Posted on Vogue Italia because of their lies that needed to be set straight

Sylvester Stallone was best known for his 1970 role in the ‘Italian Stallion’… it was later that Rambo and Rocky came but only sensational because of his role in the adult film.
As Vogue Italy should be well aware… Noble titles were ended in 1946… the Papal titles ended in 1960 by the Pope… and in 1967 Italian constitutional law declared an end to use of nobility titles or their application in Italian law. Misinforming your readers is inappropriate. Le Bal claiming to have two Italian Contessa’s is preposterous. And all of which may be illegal declarations.
I feel you should have included a full list of the girls and their gowns if you wanted to be true to your fashion objective. However, you may be afraid to show the full list of names, as they reveal the other guests, including Lara Lau, Grandaughter of Chinese Triad Henry Fok (Fok Ying Tung) . Below are the 22 of 24 originally invited girls… only 20 actually showed up on the night…
1 Indian Isha Ambani wearing a Christian Dior Haute couture dress,
2 Sophia Rose Stallone from US wearing a Elie Saab Haute couture dress,
3 French Shanna Besson wearing a Chanel Haute couture dress,(protested.. no show on the night)
4 Italian Filippa Brandolini d?Adda wearing a Giambattista Valli Haute couture dress,
5 Belgian Celine Buckens wearing a Christophe Josse Haute couture dress,
6 Bronwen Carter from US wearing a Carolina Herrera dress,
7 Greece Victoire Cogevina wearing a Basil Soda couture dress,
8 Turkish Yelda Demiroren wearing a Stephane Rolland haute couture dress,
9 Francesca Frigerio Bonvicino from Switzerland wearing a Anne-Valerie Hash dress,
10 Chinese Jacqueline Huan wearing a J.Mendel dress,
11 Chinese Lara Lau wearing a Lanvin dress,
12 Talicia Martins from US wearing a Oscar de la Renta dress,
13 Colombian Isabella Mattos wearing a Atelier Gustavolins Haute couture dress,
14 British Eliza Moncreiffe wearing a Alexis Mabille Couture dress,
15 Italian Diana Piccolomini wearing a Zuhair Murad Couture dress,
16 Lily Rivkin from US wearing a Ralph Lauren dress,
17 Zoe Bleu Sidel from US wearing a Gaultier Paris dress,
18 Sophia Rose Stallone from US wearing a Elie Saab Haute couture dress,
19 Lan Vy Tran from Vietnam wearing a Jantaminiau dress ,
20 Japanese Miyuki Uramune wearing a Valentino Haute couture dress,
21 Japanese Ikue Uramune wearing a Valentino Haute couture dress,
22 French Justine Vilgrain wearing a Azzedine Alaia dress (also possible no show- protest)

Charlotte Grayson? She is a star on ‘Revenge’ and invited guest to le bal.

I think it was Charlotte Grayson was very inspired by the adult film star theme of the ball as well as with her escort of the night… there are very steamy pictures available at the czech photobank (CTK) that highlight her making out on the dance floor with him. … I mean seriously… innocent?! Is this the tasteful image? The poor thing was obviously manipulated by Mrs. Renouards staff for the racy picture. … and Mrs Renouard personally approves ALL of the photos so she definitely knows about this… at least it was not a debutante… any other opinions? for education purposes on this non-commercial blog I am tempted to put picts side by side to see what others think…

Italian-American Porn Star is honored guest at Crillon Hotel November 24 2012

Isn’t it interesting how full circle things become…
1st- Read this short article by the Guardian… It was written when the Tattinger family were the primary sharholders of the Crillon Hotel…
2nd- consider the audacity of last Saturday night… when the original Italian Stallion (1970) Sylvester Stallone was the honored first guest… ahead of USA diplomat Rivkin… and as celebrity porn star welcomed 20 young girls into society….!?!?!?!?!?!?
Do they think we are stupid?

from the Guardian: Haughty Crillon scorns porn publicity

Paul Webster in Paris
Saturday 7 April 2001

The Guardian


The comings and goings filmed at Paris’s poshest hotel, Le Crillon, had nothing to do with the protocol surrounding visits by world leaders and top stars.
Nor, despite the title Une Americaine à Paris, did the hottest video in town pretend to be a female homage to the Gene Kelly classic.

“I’m afraid, Monsieur, it contained the sort of scenes that would be more appropriate to a vulgar hotel de passe ,” a member of the staff said when asked why Le Crillon had asked the courts to censor an hour’s free publicity shot in its precincts on the Place de la Concorde.

“We certainly never gave permission to shoot this disgusting display – the episode was done secretly.”

Pascal Malbequi, head of the legal department of the hotel’s owners, the Société du Louvre’, told Reuters news agency: “It is unquestionably a blow to the image and the reputation of our luxury palace.

“Our customers would not be very pleased to know that they could appear in such movies without being aware of it.”

A clue to the dignified anger emanating from the staid establishment with its £500-a-night rooms was the cinematic presence of Rocco Siffredi, Italy’s outstanding porno star.

His mammoth member is a celebrity in itself after featuring in a general circuit film called Romance.

No one was saying who in the Le Crillon management got hold of the video circulating almost clandestinely in the city’s sex shops.

But whoever it was had no trouble recognising the hotel.

Much of the film is devoted to the Italian stallion checking in before the inevitable X-otic bedding of an American woman in a suite usually leased to millionaires and ministers.

The most exclusive salons served as free sets throughout and, if porno freaks had any doubts about the location, the hotel’s insignia could be read on a porter’s uniform and cap.

Along with the Société du Louvre, the porter persuaded the Paris court this week to order the Hungarian production company RSP to cut out all images of himself and Le Crillon – amounting to 13 minutes – and remove its name from the jacket.

In addition the company was awarded about £3,000 damages, and the unwitting extra was awarded £10,000.

But the coupling will stand.

And the cut version will be back on the shelves next week, according to a sex-shop owner, Emmanuel Lehne.

He expects big sales, he said, “because Siffredi’s equipment is better known architecture than the Crillon”.

If you have any questions about this email, please contact the user help desk: Copyright (c) Guardian News and Media Limited. 2012 Registered in England and Wales No. 908396 Registered office: PO Box 68164, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1P 2AP

(Back to my comment… The Tattinger family would have been outraged. The Sternlicht brothers (the subsequent owners of the Crillon) would also probably object… where was this prince of Saudi Arabia when he hosted the porn star as the honored guest to commingle with young women. What message are they trying to send to your children? Or convince you of? Bien ne’ ? BIEN NE’ ?

The Italian is not a Contessa.

Further about Italian titles… The correct title for the Italian girl is: Filippa Brandolini d’Adda [dei conti di Valmareno] . Her father was born a Count. As a result of the laws ending titles, none of his offspring can inherit it. Furthermore, as an Italian title… the females never inherit it or pass it on. They are simply ‘dei conti’… they can only marry a count to pass on a count title.

The other mystery nobiliese going by the name of Piccolomini does not show up in the Peerage at all.

But you should know that in 1946 all Italian titles ended when the monarchy ended. furthermore, in the 1960’s the Pope ended all Papal titles and by 1967 the constitutional courts officially declared the use of titles and or their application in law was no longer legal. Italian titles for younger people are bogus. The only titles le bal touted this year are BOGUS. Even the Arabian prince and his family who owns the hotel is no where to be seen when the owners were always present in the past.

To add insult to injury… the great mind Robert Burton says it best when he declared:

“There is nothing noble in being superior to some other person. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.”

“Of all varieties of foppery, the vanity of high birth is the greatest. True nobility is derived from virtue, not from birth. Title, indeed, may be purchased, but virtue is the only coin that makes the bargain valid. ” (Robert Burton)

Oh and PS… when accessing the recorded archives of the designer Giambattista Valli Haute Couture for the dates of his time as a member of the syndicate of Haute Couture… I was not sure if I found the red dress anywhere. It might be spring 2012…  but if they lie about the title, what is to stop them lying about the dress. … any other opinions?!

As far as Piccolomini… her dress was supposedly Zuhair Murad Couture… but Zuhair Murad did not make the member list of Haute Couture in Spring 2012… Does have an Haute Couture for Fall 2012… But the dress that Piccolomini is wearing is NOT Couture. It is from the pret au porter season Fall 2012 (Automne Hiver 2012) just check out

As Burton said…  True nobility is derived from virtue… Lying is not a virtue.

There is no such thing as an Italian aristocratic title for those born after the 1970s

Feel duty bound to remind people that the Republic of Italy disbanded all titles in the mid 20th century. There is no such thing as an Italian count or countess (or prince or princess etc…) unless they were born before the date of the law. No teenage cavelier or debutante could possibly be italian and have claim to any aristocratic title. Its just not possible. You are being lied to. And the the organizers may even be breaking the law.

More connections to Triad Mafia- what big lie…

Stunned all over again… as I noticed in a French article just out about Henry Fok daughter also having participated in le bal… missed this one… but after all this time just re-enforces the blatant ties between Triad mafia and the organizers of this event… just stunning… And Hollywood wants to sit across the table from this filth? What about the so called charity?! Before you give a penny to Enfant D’Asie… you need to know that their top directors, field agents, and management are well aware of the impact of triad mafia on the victims they supposedly try to help…. how could they be so hypocritical and honor names like Stanley Ho and Henry Fok… among the myriad of other unsavory persons… that associate with this non-event.

Quote From Web:

While much has been made of the document regarding Pansy Ho, which details everything from quashed corruption investigations in Hong Kong to romance with the son of a known triad leader, not much has been written of the confidential record of Stanley Ho.

The document spells out the early days of Stanley Ho’s casino empire as well as his involvement with triad figures from the outset. The first was Sun Yee On Triad member Yip Hon, who helped finance Stanley Ho’s acquisition of the original casino concession from Portugal, Macau’s colonial overseer at the time.

Another financier, Henry Fok, who before his death in 2006 still held a major stake in Stanley Ho’s casino operations, is listed in the report as a former member of the 14k Triad, one of Macau’s most prodigious groups. Fok’s son Thomas was reportedly arrested in 1991 for attempting to sell 15,000 AK-47s in New York and laundering $2.4 million.


It is with Henry Fok that Stanley Ho first came into the good graces of North Korea’s government. The men smuggled Chinese goods (some reports suggest weapons) into North Korea during and after the Korean War, when the United Nations maintained an embargo against that country.

“By virtue of their activities in avoiding the (U.N.) blockade during the Korean War, neither Ho nor Henry Fok would have been successful without triad connections as all smuggling activities then, and even at the present time, were controlled by triad societies,” the confidential report states.

Both men were rewarded for their assistance. Fok was allowed to import Chinese sand to Hong Kong. Ho was allowed to open a casino in North Korea.

Stanley Ho opened Casino Pyongyang with partner Wong Sing-Wa, who later became North Korea’s honorary consul in Macau. There, he operated a travel agency, issuing visas to North Korea. He also owned a piece of a VIP room inside Stanley Ho’s Casino Lisboa, where triad leader “Broken Tooth Koi” also owned a VIP room.


Further, the confidential report about Stanley Ho reveals considerably more extensive ties to triad groups than ever previously reported. It details how the tycoon walked a fine line, keeping various gangs placated by allowing them to operate in separate VIP rooms among his casinos.

Among known triad members operating under Ho’s watch were Lai Tong Sang of the Wo On Lok Triad, Lau Wing Kui of the Kung Lok Triad and Ng Man Sung, a 14k member and reputed Chinese intelligence agent. Other triad members reportedly operated in the billionaire’s casinos in Cambodia and North Korea. | 871-6780 x339


PS- A daughter (or Granddaughter) of Henry Fok is said to be confirmed to appear this year (2012) according to the French Channel BFMTV Henry Fok is deceased since 2006… and born in 1923 so its impressive if he actually had a daughter that young… (while still not erasing his criminal past)


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