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Charlotte Grayson? She is a star on ‘Revenge’ and invited guest to le bal.

I think it was Charlotte Grayson was very inspired by the adult film star theme of the ball as well as with her escort of the night… there are very steamy pictures available at the czech photobank (CTK) that highlight her making out on the dance floor with him. … I mean seriously… innocent?! Is this the tasteful image? The poor thing was obviously manipulated by Mrs. Renouards staff for the racy picture. … and Mrs Renouard personally approves ALL of the photos so she definitely knows about this… at least it was not a debutante… any other opinions? for education purposes on this non-commercial blog I am tempted to put picts side by side to see what others think…


There is no such thing as an Italian aristocratic title for those born after the 1970s

Feel duty bound to remind people that the Republic of Italy disbanded all titles in the mid 20th century. There is no such thing as an Italian count or countess (or prince or princess etc…) unless they were born before the date of the law. No teenage cavelier or debutante could possibly be italian and have claim to any aristocratic title. Its just not possible. You are being lied to. And the the organizers may even be breaking the law.

Le bal 2012 trying to stage its final gasp for air…

Well its that time again… Supposedly the event will take place on November 24th 2012 in Paris. Though one never knows… truth is a difficult thing to find with the organizers. I decided to log in and give a little update…

So far the media has basically ignored the press releases that went out October 26 and later. Finally they are seeing the bogus promotional event for what it is. Only 2 french online/local media outlets carried it. One is a freebie you can pick up weekly by subway stations which is mostly ads (for all sorts of things including escorts etc). The other seems strictly online. That other one was especially critical of the event. Basically a bad revue of the passe’ event that this has become. Calling it anachrinistic, a mockery, anti-fashion, etc… and all sorts of French insulting comments that will be an embarrassment to anyone attending and the organizers. International media is staying away. And who can blame them. The obvious has come out. The event has nothing to do with fashion anymore. It has nothing to do with society either. It mostly infringed on what fashion means to most people. And ridiculated the French tradition by honoring southeast asian denim sweatshop producers and asian mafias. It dresses little girls in old lady dresses that were not meant for their bodies… (because it reuses runway samples that were deisnged for skinny models 2x their height)… The suppliers of the jewelers were not French. The guests were not french, or if French, desperate to promote their personalities due to poor PR. The charity was not French last year! .. and by all appearances was non-existent in 2011 or earlier. It was a bunch on non-French trying to play the illusion of being French while missing the point of the industry and quality. Apparently Lauren Bush was a no-show- even though it was allegedly to her charitable benefit last year, she seems to have boycotted. (Just as Demi did the second year once she realized the conflict of interest between her charitable interest and the guest of honor (Silas Chou)).

This year, the Charity is the bogus French known as Enfant d’Asie… the same that did not see the connection between the problems they try to solve in SE Asia, and the honored guests that own the very sweatshop factories(Chou) and brothels(Triad) that exploit the women and children the charity supposedly works to help(it is very easy to research this online- no secrets there… only ignorance or blatant denial of truth). Furthermore, when historical records were reviewed with the European Governmental organization that tracks the donations received by registered charities in France… there were none reported for Le Bal. So either nobody gives money, or the charity does not properly register the funds as required by law (or they were so small they were included in the mediocre ‘miscellaneous’ recording. (something smells like and organized crime cover up here according to a field researcher that has been tracking that and sending me the messages about it.)

New this year… Just as the previous owners of the Crillon fired the le bal organizers(resulting in the cancellation of 2010), and Le Bal had to scramble for extra financial support from the Adlers to hold the ball in 2011. The Adlers finally fired the organizers of le Bal. In their place some odd substitute has come out of the woodwork. A New York resale boutique(of course owned by some uber wealthy persons- no doubt the new sugar daddy for the whole expensive charity event that does not raise any charity funds…. What a fall from grace to loose the last good jeweler… arguments with Mikimoto… then awkward history with the Adlers… and now some NYC business trying to be something they are not… ? You have to wonder what could actually be showcased… but more importantly… it seems that there are better local French shops of better caliber to do this… Why import from New York?!  Eve Cazes is a respected Gemologist in Paris with amazing stock … (Address: 20, rue de Miromesnil – 75008 Paris) just besides presidential residence… Surely this would have been better for a French event?! but it is still a mockery of the original concept of promoting a high end jeweler and reflects the decline of le Bal…Eve said it best many years ago…’ when people had money, they went to Place Vendome… now that they don’t… they come to me’ (meaning shops like me)… and so the organizers, after they have been dropped by all the top jewelers in Paris and Switzerland and Japan… have resorted to a resale shop on the Upper East side of New York city… No money… no class… is it really any different? and did they have to go to New York to do it?!?!?!

Le Bal de Bastards, if it will go on… I am sure will reveal a new set of illegitimate and or legitimate bastards that the organizer has ‘carefully checked the pedigree for’ (not) … Who will it be this year? Please understand… its not really that it should matter in this day and age, yet the organizers distribute all sorts of garbage about the special pedigree and lineage of the attendees. Their lies are ridiculously inflated when the reality translates to lists of girls and families that are in fact opposite of this reality. I am sure this year will produce the same… But if you are going to go around and lie about carefully checking pedigrees and only admitting those especially worthy of it because of family lineage and status, you really need to make sure to do your homework and avoid claiming heirs that are bastards and illegitimate in the eyes of the church, society, and or even social and legal conventions of titles.

Will any of the invited guests actually look on the internet and research the background to see if its worth risking their reputations and actually showing up at this farce?! It is as if being on the list marks the beginning of the end for careers and reputations. Due to the constellation of notorious figures, no doubt every body gets investigated too. But what about the futures of these poor young girls that are the victims of the lies? Will the parent protect them and keep them away for their own good? Or will they allow them to be exploited and made to look like harlots? Or have their families secrets (IE illegitimate birth status’ etc) come out to haunt them for the rest of their lives?!

Questions will be answered by the end of the week… what past dated D-list star will be considered the celebrity? What notorious guest of honor will sit across the table from them to try to improve his or her bad social status or criminal past? Will the organizer still insist on anorexic girls even though her earlier benefactors(Vogue) have banned anorexic models in their publications? Will they be true to that in this case? Will they illegally claim dresses are haute couture even though they are not (And barely any were in 2011). If you care at all… I will try to post an update by the end of the week.

I love the quote! ‘To participate is to Endorse!’ Its so true!!!

Wow… le bal de Sweatshop! Somebody posted to me a letter that has been circulated to the potential guests of le bal de …….. Apparently, half of the guests seem related to human trafficking and slave labor in fashion production… (IE Tommy Hilfigar 2002 at Mae Sot Thailand; Gap, J Crew at Saipan and others… there is a lot of info on the net about these big issues…. and they seem directly in conflict with the charity ‘Feed’, as well as the charity work of Demi Moore against human trafficking!!!

From: UNODC Field Affiliate; Thailand.

This is not Spam. It is a general letter to several guests of the Crillon Bal event to be held Saturday November 26, 2011. It is extremely important that these persons see the content so that they can make their own decisions of how these facts may effect their reputations and careers.
You are either the direct contact or agent responsible. Please forward to them immediately.

Demi Moore ATTN Agents:
Andy MacDowell
Feed Organization; Lauren Bush
Amy Fine Collins CC Editor; Vanity Fair


Attn participants of the Crillon Ball 2011

As usual, the final guest list has been released at the last minute. Finally enlightening us of the complete assortment of expected guests who will attend with you. Ophelie Renouard always holds off until the end to hide this from other guests. As we have reported before, this is the problem with being an invitee of this event.. you never realize who or what you will be sitting with. The impact of which can follow your career forever.

In 2009, unsuspecting guests got the pleasure of honoring the granddaughter of Stanley Ho, a person well documented publicly with connections to Chinese Triad Mafia. The hypocrisy of course, of the charity… Enfant D’Asie… which allegedly fights to help women and children victims of violence and poverty in Asia. Any person in the field knows that organized crime (especially Triad) is the primary source of such problems.

It was outrageous. So much so that perhaps that is why the event did not even occur in 2010.

In 2011, the situation is no different. In fact, it may be even worse. Families honored include that of Silas Chou. He is a repeat guest. His first daughter has attended. Aside from his professional bio as an industry magnate in fashion production, you can also find him specifically pointed to in the case of exploitation of Burmese migrants in a place called Mae Sot.(EXPLOITATION IN GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINS: BURMESE MIGRANT WORKERS IN MAE SOT, THAILAND. Journal of Contemporary Asia, Vol. 35 No. 3, 2005, pp. 319-340.) While he was creating the international powerhouse of Tommy Hilfiger, he was doing so with near slave labor. Victims of human trafficking that if not used to produce clothing, could be put to work for worse. Mae Sot today, is now a major hub of human trafficking of the sex trade after the scandal broke, Hilfiger withdrew, and Chou allegedly sold his position in the company. The plight of Mae Sot, a wicked combination of corruption, big business, and victims. Silas Chou’s daughter is being honored here, as has his daughter Veronica been honored previously. Of course Chou cashed out of Tommy Hilfigar… but that does not erase his past, it just sealed his profit.

Chou is not alone.. the family (Remy Fisher) originally credited with the super-label of Gap Clothing… also has dark sweatshop history. Currently, under new owners, the Gap tries to exercise corporate responsibility. But in its infancy, it was infamous for its connection to human trafficking for near slave conditions. Information about this is easily accessed on public internet sources.

Misha and Teresa Horne, daughters of Tierney Horne the ‘driving force’ behind the creation of J Crew according to O. Renouard. J. Crew also has a confirmed history with human trafficking and virtual slave labor. Gap and J Crew is easy to find details of on the internet. Making this not the le bal de couture, but rather le bal de sweatshop.

As Chris Jenner would tell you… ‘To participate is to endorse’ … and she is right. She said so while advising her daughters about their choices in events they attended. This situation is not different. Take heed of her wise words because they are made by a famous person fully aware of the impact of media and association on the careers of people.

I strongly suggest you reconsider your involvement in this event. You have all received this because I think you are victims being used for your notoriety (fame), or reach because of issues you report on or promote(Human Trafficking, Fashion, etc.), or specific Charity work (poverty, human trafficking, etc), You have to think of your own careers, and that of your children. Once you participate in the list, you will be forever remembered as a participants and as you can see, these issues could follow you for decades.

The big business at the event knows it can use such ‘charity’ activity to legitimize their immoral actions. Further more it may legitimize their substandard product lines by association with ‘Haute Couture’, when in fact, the sweatshop could not be anything but the exact opposite.

The blatant hypocrisy of sitting across the tables and sipping wine with the fashion industry persons that have made billions on slave labor and human trafficking is really plain to see. These businesses brought an end to quality fashion and fair labor. These industries are one of the major stresses behind the demise of Haute Couture itself, which requires fair labor and high standards.

Feigning concern for poor children and or their enslaved mothers while sipping wine with the very industry heads that have actually enjoyed the wealth of their toil is outrageous. You did not know who was on the list until it was released too late. Do not forget, you are victims here, though the press and public may not view you as such. Mrs. Renouard knows who she is inviting. She is well aware of the criminal past of her guests, even if she were not, she has been informed by field workers like myself. She does this knowingly because it is her job to legitimize these people by associating them with fame, media, and personalities like yourselves. Her own website material shows how she specializes in the right introductions.

UNODC Field Affiliate

Reposting this from another site…

I was recently asked on another site my viewpoint of le bal… who I am , what I am doing… this article is a repost of that for anyone that wants to see it. It repeats some information already here, but it portrays some new details(e.g. Chirac guest) that people may need to be enlightened about. Best of all, it contains rich citations from verified sources… I am not making this up. I am just noticing and collecting the information together for the public good. Once you know the truth, it is up to you what you do with it.

I am a nobody that loves fashion. (not a rock star, not a celebrity, not the bastard of famous parents or nobility). I am also a social researcher and through a set of friends (fellow researchers) I became aware of this event and all the cloud of illusions they fabricate. I am trying to keep it real, because I think that the press and blogs are misleading people into just accepting the word of the organizers without seeing the ugly details. I have been following the event for about 3 years. My friends for longer. But only this year we seem to be getting more exposure with the new blog reality of the internet. (newspapers don’t like it when we correct them- they want to sell advertisement and they do not care if their articles are true or not).

For example, I was really upset when I saw that Stanley Ho and his granddaughter were honored guests for 2009. I have personally researched organized crime in Asia and the impact on women and children (trafficking, prostitution, drugs and violent crime). So I am fully aware of resources on the internet and in literature where governments have declared Mr. Ho a member, and even a leader of a Triad mafia group! (1) Mafia being the catalyst behind almost all trafficking, prostitution, etc in Asia (2). Imagine how annoyed I was at the hypocrisy when Enfant D’Asie was named as the charity! There is such a huge conflict of interest there, and nobody seems to have the morals to see it… On account that the charity did not withdraw when they were aware of the guests of honor, I doubt their morality. As mafia has a tendency to create fake fronts in the guise of charities, I am even more skeptical. Other sources cite that charitable networks can be fronts for organized crime activities in a variety of ways (3). Of course as a researcher, I do not post or comment about anything I can not cite from other valid sources. All of my comments are supportable (see the end of this email).

But the plot really thickens when you read the words of the organizers of the ball and find out that Bernard Arnault (multi billionaire Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy owner) is close friends and business partner with Ho! (4) Knowing that LVMH is the owner of many of the couture brands being displayed reveals even more about the tight knit interconnected relationships of it all.

(your readers can also research the public information of the following corporations and see the interconnectedness of it all on the boards of directors… (IE Starwood Capital(Crillon owner), Este Lauder (Mac Owner), Adler, Bernard Arnault, LVMH(owner of many haute couture houses), the sir name Ho, as well as looking at the management of the celebrities that have attended to date and their connection to Bryan Lourdes).

Even this year, they proudly announced (5) that Madame Chirac, former President Chirac’s wife was a generous contributor to the event…. but they fail to mention, and the public forgets, that Chirac is under indictment for embezzlement of public funds (as recent as October 2009!) (6)… so who actually contributed to the event… the Chiracs? or the taxpayers of Paris that were cheated out of their money by an allegedly corrupt politician?!?!? Supposedly (according to the Economist), Chirac was the ‘worst of any president the fifth republic’ of France! (7) Party on Madame Chirac!? Is her presence there a stamp of approval from the French?(as quoted in Welt )(5).

What’s odd is if you read foreign press comments from the organizers. In French and in German they openly mock and criticize American and UK participants! EG Berne insults Lady Kitty in a Swiss paper (French language) (8), Renouard mocks Americans as being over concerned about discrimination. As soon as they are promoting the event to the public in English, the tune changes.

There is such a deep well of scandal and impropriety waiting to come out. Anyone can discover this independently if they just take the time to look up the names and situations. For me, and my friends, we love fashion and we see this event as a really dark false image of what should be a great ant truly creative endeavor. Whenever we notice false information for this or any event, we make comments. And try to inform (and protect) the public… including your readers.
Thank you for letting me be a voice in your blog comments.

best regards,

(1) BNET: Mounties: Clinton Donor a Gangster (April 2000) available at [] and also another source on the library of congress online database:
(2) Brown, Louise. (2000) Sex Slaves: The Trafficking of Women in Asia. Virgo press, London. Pages 157-158 and 164-165.
(3) Voronin, Yuriy A. (1998) Organized Crime: Its Influence on International Security and Urban Community Life in the Industrial Cities of the Urals. pages 10-11 etc. pdf file available on the internet: [].
(4) Ophelie Renouard is quoted on WWD as stating the close friendship between the two. [http] and its no secret as there is also evidence of their business interactions in China []
(5) In this article Ophelie Renouard is quoted as saying Madame Chirac was ‘very generous’ this year.[URL:
(6) Many sources. This one available on Wall Street Journal online: []
(7) Economist article, available online at: [
(8) Stephane Berne’s article in the Tribune Geneve. []

Whittaker on Obamas special arts council?

I heard from the internet that Whittaker has been appointed as a member of Obamas specially picked arts council… (I’ll repost the article below in case it dissappears) I find it kind of disturbing that he would attend such an elitist event like le bal, carouse with people like Stanley Ho, and support the French fashion industry which is fighting to hold onto the size zero model even though fashion media of ultra thin anorexic models is potentially a major source of eating disorders in young women today… pity. I hope he decides against supporting the event.

(I found this on ‘eurweb’ )
WHITAKER, WOODARD MAKE OBAMA’S ARTS COMMITTEE: Kerry Washington also named Monday as members of new presidential group.

*Actors Forest Whitaker, Alfre Woodard and Kerry Washington are among the Hollywood notables named Monday as members of President Barack Obama’s Committee on Arts and the Humanities.

The panel focuses on arts and humanities education, cultural diplomacy, economic revitalization through the arts and humanities and special events.

First lady Michelle Obama is its honorary chairwoman and film producer George Stevens Jr. and theater producer Margo Lion had already been named as its co-chairs, according to the Associated Press.

The list of 25 people from the worlds of arts and entertainment also includes cellist Yo Yo Ma, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, philanthropist Teresa Heinz, architect Thom Mayne and actress Sarah Jessica Parker, talent agent Bryan Lourd, actor Edward Norton, director George Wolfe, independent filmmaker Liz Manne, publicist Andy Spahn and ballet dancer Damian Woetzel.

Attn Parents, executive assistants… beware

This message is for the parents of the girls who may be considering attending the event. The organizers prowl the world media for potential invitees. They have lists they collect together and wait for years to see some girls grow old enough to be invited. If you have received an invitation, you have a very serious decisions to make.
If you get any message from this blog, it is that you should consider very seriously what impact of having your family name forever associated with the event.
You need to be sure to research the names on the list they mention. You need to consider where the past participants have gotten from participating (many of the designers are out of business, many of the girls have ongoing personal problems). The truth is that the outcome is pretty scandalous. You might think this is a nice freebie of a weekend in Paris, but the truth is that your daughter will be demeaned(three to a room, schedule answering to strange adults, curfews, etc) and herded around to be photographed and constantly made to submit to whomever is considered the lead name. It is a staged PR event and the organizers are primarily concerned with themselves and not you or your daughters ‘coming out’. (if you look at video of the event you see that it has a very strange stiffness as it is so staged- you will also see the after party sloppiness that is not necessarily present at other world debutantes where young women are truly being introduced to society). The lack of respect for all of the members is clearly evidenced in that the 20 or so girls that participate each year and are not the prime invitee are lost in the back ground(commonly mentioned as ‘fillers’ on this blog). No special mention is made for them. They are treated more as props. They are not published individually. While other debutante events go so far as to create a sort of yearbook which lists the names and backgrounds of all girls, this is not the case with le Bal. (or at least I am still waiting to see a copy)
Most likely if you have been invited, you can afford to do a much better private party on your own. Or you could now go to the Queen Charlotte Ball in the UK or the International Debutante in NYC at the Waldorf (VERY classy).
Chances are that if you have been invited to le bal, the last thing you want is negative publicity.
Chances are if you have been invited, the last thing you want is to pander to the whim of the arrogant organizers who intend to use your name and images for their own profit(collectively le bal and the sponsors who are paying for the whole thing)… (not for the charity, not for you or your daughter).
Most likely if you have been invited, you can afford to buy your daughter her own haute couture gown, actually modeled to her body and unique personality, and that she can actually keep to remember. (as opposed to an off the rack sample from the previous seasons pieces- that’s right, there are not necessarily current designs- they are not made to measure for your daughter. Rather your daughter may be made to measure for the dress when she is asked to lose a few pounds.)

You may also like to know that the charity intake is quite low. according to very high sources amongst the sponsors (higher than le bal organizer), only about 30-40,000 USD was produced for charity in Nov 2008. This is pathetic compared to other charity events (which take millions in a single night… e.g. Amfar, Elton John White Party). Most likely, if you have been invited, you have personally spent more on individual charities or even your own wedding. These organizers manage to bring together 24 of the supposed elite and the best they can do is that small amount after they have spent all the money on their own annual activities.

If you allow your daughter to participate and demean her to this level, what will that say about you too? If on the other hand, you do not feel you are an elite, but you think this is an opportunity to get your daughter up in social ranking, I can assure you there are far better ways to do it. Whether through the media reality frenzy of being notorious, or by actual participation in genuine social circles.

Perhaps the worst of situations… what will you do, if after several months of planning, your previously invited daughter is dis-invited because the organizers think they have found a bigger name that will increase their photography sales? I am aware of possible cases. For no good reason, and with little warning, I have heard that the organizer dropped a girl because suddenly she thought she had a bigger celebrity. She did not admit that. She uses excuses like ‘pushy parents’ (pushy parents is cited in the telegraph). In another case, she proclaimed that the girl was too fat…  The bottom line, as the organizer has later admitted or shown by admitting overweight girls, or girls with pushy parents, it is just a matter of what the organizer thinks will sell better. She will say some thoughless hurtful thing against the minor that isn’t even true. She may even take it back later (I have proof like this in writting). She will do this if she needs your seats or your daughters place, and she does not think you will sell the newspaper, she will drop you. Or if the magazine in your country will not pay as much for the girls images from another country in her local magazines. And YOU will be left having to explain to your daughter that the organizer said your daughter was too fat, or some other silly comment, or that you were too pushy(even though you were not- what a great way to create more animosity between you and your teenage daughter).
The idea is ludicrous. To say such things to a young girl could cause years of emotional problems leading to substance abuse and addiction(but the le bal founder does say such things to young women. She has done this, I have evidence. You can see for yourself by researching old interviews. Mrs. Renouard is quoted many times as saying ‘no fat girls’, and ‘no pushy parents’. Many of her own staff are horrified. Others have apologized for the poor behavior because they can’t believe how crazy she acts. I also know there are pending court cases related to this(at least one). Whether or not they ever see their day in court, or whether or not you believe me, you have an obligation to protect your child and you need to remember that where there is smoke, there is fire.

If you consent, be sure to have your management and or legal staff review the image release contract that you will be asked to sign. You are entitled to a copy by European law. You also should consider limiting the duration of the validity.


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