My mission statement for this blog is simple. To protect innocent minors from being emotionally or physically harmed from unscrupulous people and or corporations.

Specifically, I need to inform the public about serious matters involving the organizers, partners and corporate parents of ‘le bal’ or as others call it, ‘le bal des haute couture that is held annually at the Crillon Hotel.

The gag order that was placed on me expired this month. Until now, I was prevented from commenting on some serious events, but with the passing of a year from the date of the contract, I am released from this gag order and since nobody has done anything to amend a serious infraction that was made by organizers, I feel duty bound to inform the public using this blog in order to protect families from becoming involved in future dates of le bal.

It is ultimately up to everybody how they will personally choose to use this information. my purposes is to tell you what I witnessed first hand.

I personally recommend against allowing your daughter to participate in the Paris event, especially when there are amazing and beautiful events that are far better. (Examples could include holding your own exclusive charity event for your daughters birthday, or if you prefer the public sphere, taking part in truly high caliber charity events, or if your heart is set on a debutante, I highly recommend a very famous one held in New York every two years. There are some 150 balls held in Vienna each year, including a debutante, but also of other types allowing the whole family to participate. In the UK, another long lived traditional debutante ball has been resurrected known as the Queen Charlotte Ball. In the USA, there are actually hundreds of potential debutante balls. Just look around at your alternatives because while I am critical of the Crillon event, I believe in the future of debutante balls.

In the case of Le Bal at the Crillon, what you need to know will be reported as quickly as possible on the following posts. But in short, it is a commercial PR attempt to improve the image of the Crillon, as well as create a side income for the organizers as they take your daughters image and try to pander it to media at a high price. Neither you nor your daughter will be compensated for this. The fact that the majority of the income is used to pay for the time and process of the organizers is admitted by the MC of the event in his article that he wrote for the Swiss press. Only a small amount of charity actually is awarded, which is probably why the amount is never publicly announced.

Charities picked all have a tendency to be connected to either the MC or a guest. This further clouds the possibility of whether or not the money really ends up in the hands of charity. Real charities are expected to transparently report all these details. It is well known among researchers that bogus charities usually look like le bal… a lot of talk… but low actual numbers as the organization lines its own pockets. The modus operandi is a place of personal wealth making and also an opportunity to launder money. This may not be the case of le bal, but given the character of people they have recently invited as primary guests, it is suspicious.

Furthermore, your daughter will not necessarily be dressed in Haute Couture as most of the Haute Couturiers have dropped out. The term is freely and illegally used on all the dresses, when in fact the status of haute couture is a privileged mark, reserved for those that endure the costs and practices required and is a list of companies monitored by the French government (Ministry of Industry). Your daughter will be made to squeeze three girls per room and run around by the staff and all will bow to whomever the organizers believe is their guest of honor. You will not know until the last minute if the bal will feature the daughter of some passe Hollywood D-list celebrity or worse, unscrupulous characters and accused criminals(Triad Mafia in 2009 according to Canadian government).

But don’t let me confuse you now. This primary post is just to warn you that you may not want your families name to be forever married with the other guest who may end up on this list, nor do you want your daughters image to be forever etched in a negative light.

This event is no longer a debutant in any real sense, it no longer respects the nobility that is was built around preferring political or Hollywood names, and frankly its charity impact is pitifully small(according to more than one le bal source!). Worst of all, committing to the organizer forces you to belittle yourself to the whims of an opinionated but not expert crew of characters who will expect the work of you (pictures, handpicked by the organizers from their photographers, and circulated on the internet are good evidence of bad talant- as the debutantes are often pictured like ‘diva’-saloon prostitutes- but you will have to look for yourself… I am sure the organizers would not give me permission to repost their pictures here!), and the minute you choose to voice an opinion in defense of your daughter, they will drop you immediately, even at the last minute. They have done it at least 3 times from what I have witnessed, maybe more.

Adding to this are a collecting of other inappropriate practices and behaviors that do not reflect a debutante at all. Examples explored on the blog include:

– The organizers illegally call all of the dresses haute couture. The institute de la Mode has sent them warning letters to cease and desist, but they obviously do not respect the institute because they continue to do it. Misinforming the public now for many years as most readers assume they are being told the truth. As mentioned above, the only fashion houses that can call themselves ‘haute couture’ are on a list that is maintained by the ministry of industry. In the le bal organizers act of defiance, they threaten the livelihood of the French fashion industry. They put substandard pieces along side high quality fashion and call it the same. This erodes the value of the more expensive French products. This threatens the French fashion houses. Christian Lacroix is only the most recent house to go bankrupt… but how could it be otherwise if people feel they can buy a substandard product for much cheaper and consider it the same? Haute Couture ateliers have a number of costly burdens placed on them, as well as costly fees. Its not fair to haute couture, and if more French fashion houses fail, it is not fair to French labor! Above all, it is an insult to French culture. Like calling California sparkling wine… Champagne.

– The role this event plays in the ‘size zero’ controversy of the Parisian fashion world that is killing professional models and unfortunately infecting young people with body dysmorfia due to the constant exposure in the media of impossibly skinny models. The organizers claim ‘no fatty’s please’ for many years now, happily supporting it even though the dresses are supposed to be made to order! What does it matter what size a girl is if the dress is made to order?!?!?

– But it runs deeper, because the no fatty comment is actually used to discriminate against girls if they feel they need the extra seats or they want to switch invited guests. Normal and large size girls have been used, which makes their discrimination practice even worse as they selectively exclude others depending on their own priority of status. Did you know that there are French ministers that want to make it illegal in France for anybody to try to manipulate or coerce another to loose weight to unhealthy levels? This is a response to the problem of size zero. Well you should know that the organizers try to work with the invited girls for months in advance to do exactly that as they say it is necessary so that the girls will fit the sample dress they will be borrowing. Its not illegal yet, but its only a matter of time. The response of the head organizer in a Welt article… she scorned it. mocking people who are concerned about discrimination by saying (with a smaile and shaking her head negatively)  ‘discrimination is such an American idea’ … if you can read the German article, you will see she implied it was a ‘silly’ idea and not serious to be concerned about.

A big issue is the specific conflict of interest between honoring and inviting accused organized criminals as guests, with charities that serve stakeholders that are affected by those same criminals. But for the organizers, and for many of the guest who attended the 2009 ball, it only mattered that these men were extremely wealthy, not whether or not they may be criminals… potentially responsible for the plight of the children of Asia. The absence of ethics and morals is hideous. However close inspection of the guests reveals that they all have social and business links to eachother and so they seem to have to support eachother.

For you, as a parent or invited guest, you need to decide if you are low enough to associate with that caliber of person.


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