Mirror of comment to mid-day Mumbai

I feel you really got your story wrong about the Le Bal de Debutantes. Any person is able to see online that your story is just trying to be some sort of feel good social article, and in the same comment act as if a person should be proud to have triad mafia invited. Furthermore, of head of state has ever attended. This is blatantly false. Berlusconi did not attend… he was not head of state at the time, and his ‘born out of wedlock’ daughter went alone. Eastwood also specifically boycotted the event… his estranged daughter went using his name. How unfortunate to be presented to society at that event which turns out to be so bogus. The Ambani inheritors of the monopoly may have lots of money but their staff let them down by not researching the event background… The media also misses the obvious and or never reports it… the truth in which every person is trying to improve their image through the paid services of the organizer. Yes- its a bogus paid event i which the participants hope to use celebrity status i order to look more important and more charitable. The event has never managed to report any substantial charity… and in this case, the celebrity is the Italian Stallion (1970) adult film star Sylvester Stallone. How embarrassing for the Ambani clan to have their daughter presented to the honored guest of an adult film star?! Will she ever find a husband with a reputation like that?!

Who else needed to improve their reputation? Well the Italian girls that are trying to claim Aristocratic status when the titles were banned by constitution 1960… and more importantly Henry Fok… grandfather of one of the debutantes and well established Triad gang member. Indeed a deeper review of the guest lists from various years reveals a sordid and notorious list of wealthy but socially ‘untouchable’ persons.


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