More connections to Triad Mafia- what big lie…

Stunned all over again… as I noticed in a French article just out about Henry Fok daughter also having participated in le bal… missed this one… but after all this time just re-enforces the blatant ties between Triad mafia and the organizers of this event… just stunning… And Hollywood wants to sit across the table from this filth? What about the so called charity?! Before you give a penny to Enfant D’Asie… you need to know that their top directors, field agents, and management are well aware of the impact of triad mafia on the victims they supposedly try to help…. how could they be so hypocritical and honor names like Stanley Ho and Henry Fok… among the myriad of other unsavory persons… that associate with this non-event.

Quote From Web:

While much has been made of the document regarding Pansy Ho, which details everything from quashed corruption investigations in Hong Kong to romance with the son of a known triad leader, not much has been written of the confidential record of Stanley Ho.

The document spells out the early days of Stanley Ho’s casino empire as well as his involvement with triad figures from the outset. The first was Sun Yee On Triad member Yip Hon, who helped finance Stanley Ho’s acquisition of the original casino concession from Portugal, Macau’s colonial overseer at the time.

Another financier, Henry Fok, who before his death in 2006 still held a major stake in Stanley Ho’s casino operations, is listed in the report as a former member of the 14k Triad, one of Macau’s most prodigious groups. Fok’s son Thomas was reportedly arrested in 1991 for attempting to sell 15,000 AK-47s in New York and laundering $2.4 million.


It is with Henry Fok that Stanley Ho first came into the good graces of North Korea’s government. The men smuggled Chinese goods (some reports suggest weapons) into North Korea during and after the Korean War, when the United Nations maintained an embargo against that country.

“By virtue of their activities in avoiding the (U.N.) blockade during the Korean War, neither Ho nor Henry Fok would have been successful without triad connections as all smuggling activities then, and even at the present time, were controlled by triad societies,” the confidential report states.

Both men were rewarded for their assistance. Fok was allowed to import Chinese sand to Hong Kong. Ho was allowed to open a casino in North Korea.

Stanley Ho opened Casino Pyongyang with partner Wong Sing-Wa, who later became North Korea’s honorary consul in Macau. There, he operated a travel agency, issuing visas to North Korea. He also owned a piece of a VIP room inside Stanley Ho’s Casino Lisboa, where triad leader “Broken Tooth Koi” also owned a VIP room.


Further, the confidential report about Stanley Ho reveals considerably more extensive ties to triad groups than ever previously reported. It details how the tycoon walked a fine line, keeping various gangs placated by allowing them to operate in separate VIP rooms among his casinos.

Among known triad members operating under Ho’s watch were Lai Tong Sang of the Wo On Lok Triad, Lau Wing Kui of the Kung Lok Triad and Ng Man Sung, a 14k member and reputed Chinese intelligence agent. Other triad members reportedly operated in the billionaire’s casinos in Cambodia and North Korea. | 871-6780 x339


PS- A daughter (or Granddaughter) of Henry Fok is said to be confirmed to appear this year (2012) according to the French Channel BFMTV Henry Fok is deceased since 2006… and born in 1923 so its impressive if he actually had a daughter that young… (while still not erasing his criminal past)


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