Oh Yawn… Well I can tell there are still hold outs, but luckily… obviously… mainstream media is avoiding this event.

A comment from ‘Amanda’ reminds me that I should provide some updates. Happily, This Year Vogue international decided to ban models that are too young, and or too skinny. Its a sign that our campaign to end the sickening image of anorexia in fashion is working. Moreover, hopefully they will recognize also that this events choice to put younger and younger girls, and many that are too skinny, into the various borrowed frocks is no longer an appropriate image for the fashion industry.

I was also thrilled to note a major piece this week on CNN highlighting Haute Couture. This well researched piece did not mention the impostors at Le Bal a single time! I guess that also goes to show that the fashion industry knows a mock event when they see one.

I only hope that any innocent families that receive invites this year or any year do their research and discover what a disgrace it might be to have their name associated with it. Last year the one of the princess of Arabia did not realize until too late. Only to face disgrace within his family and from the people of Saudi Arabia when it came out about this elitist event objectifies and publicly displays underage girls as sex objects, as well as its primary association with a major alcohol distribution firm LVMH.

It remains to be seen if the event will take place this November 2012… or if another bad excuse will be made for skipping a year as has occurred when Starwood’s dumped the event and it had to wait a year until a new owner of the Crillon was willing to tolerate it(and partially fund it).

But for any that wonder about this event… just remember… the truth is out there. Just google the names of event attendees/invitees and their children. My favorites are those such as Silas Chou and Stanley Ho, but there is a plethora of disgraced politicians, hasbeen and wannabee celebrities, desperate to hold onto and or gain fame, and even mafia trying to socially launder their history into a mock altruism. The list of illegitimate children and or bastards born out of wedlock is shockingly long. The false claims to non-existent or contested noble lineages are multiple. And all you have to do is Google it. Don’t listen to us. That’s ok. But check your sources independently and make sure they are from those not influenced by former attendees or their children, IE LVMH, Vogue, Silas Chou Brands, the Independent newspaper, etc. Because they all cooperate to mutually promote each other. Several of Vogue execs and contributors have had their children in the event(Amy Fine most recently), and promoted the event as if it was a Vogue (or at least Forbes) venture. Naturally even Forbes had to post it as a top ten party one year, the year in which the person who wrote the article was an attendee… and for several years ended up a chaperon and chief UK contact for directing people towards the promotion of it (now works for Tatler. The years in which the Independent(UK newspaper) spoke so highly of the event, were the very same in which the daughters of the papers’ owner attended, the niece of the reporter attended eventually also, etc. The fashion companies that tended to support the event were all mostly under the umbrella of LVMH and especially Bernard Arnault… whose daughter was an attendee and best friend was notorious Stanley Ho of Triad history. It is true that there are some powerful and even sinister attendees and honored families… but don’t be fooled by this mock-event in which all the participating suppliers and attendees are mutually promoting each other under the guise of a legitimate party. Now many of the attendees are sort of recycled… sets of younger sisters placed to be on display… especially since it is so hard to get legitimate guests for this illegitimate event. And those that accidently get roped in do what they can to stay away. Once Demi Moore realized the mock status and the direct conflict of interest between her charity interest against slavery, and the big guest Silas Chou who is connected with forced labor in Mae Sot… she had to mysteriously cancel. Clint Eastwood also withdrew participation when it became clear of the events connections with some organized crimes. A French charity (Enfant D’Asie) that formerly cooperated with it (because of the instigation of a French actress and the participation of her two daughters) also withdrew when the truth came out about the events honoring of questionable attendees. Indeed, once any legitimate person discovers the truth, they back out. Its the lucky ones that back out before having their name involved.


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