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November 30, 2011 at 7:16 AM

Hi Caroline! Two years gone by … Ophelie Renouard and le bal is back, and so am I! 🙂 In the past you encouraged me to tell all. I feel obligated to get started here. The truth is, this one is such a mess that its impossible to cover every point. Some just fade in importance when you here the big issues.

Now your article looks well researched but missing the harder truths… and the scandals that is creeping into every bodies articles… Especially ‘Where was Demi!!!” Don’t believe it that it was the divorce that kept her away. I got my hands om a juicy thank you letter to Demi that was released to the press. Its from some anti human trafficking activists. They are thanking Demi for Boycotting the event, which she did due to her own chosen charity to fight human trafficking. Want the press release? Just ask, or check it out on my blog(the website slot).
But that is not the real juice about this years ball. As you know, in 2009 Triad Mafia boss Stanley Ho was honored when his Grandaughter was one of the participants.
This year sort of topped it. YES topped that. It was le bal de Sweatshop! She really did focus on the fashion. Aside from infringing on the protected status of haute couture many times during interviews (there are countless public references that ‘all girls wear haute couture’), she ALSO invited no less than three notorious names in sweatshop exploitation in fashion production!
Specifically (the citations are on the thank you letter to Demi), Silas Chou (Vivienne and Veronica Chou’s father) was head of Tommy Hilfiger at a time when there was a scandal and discovery of Exploited Burmese factory workers in Mae Sot Thailand. He sold his stake and moved out of the company soon after. He is still Asia’s (the worlds?) biggest denim producer as Novel Industries, and still heads Micheal Kors with a Russian/Canadian partner. The name Hilfiger also comes up in the case of Saipan. This was a Marianas Island that flew the USA flag. Clothes produced there could be considered ‘made in America’. Saipan had promised Chinese workers jobs ‘in America’ and then enslaved them in subhuman condition. As it turned out, and large companies later settled with monetary compensation because of their involvement… included in the list, Hilfiger, Gap. and J. Crew! All guests of this event. All associated with exploitation and near slavery. Hypocritically at an event whose focus is haute couture- which is a standard of workshop and good environment, good employee terms, that no other country can even afford to produce. So isn’t it odd that these companies would be there? Not at all. These companies are the reality in fashion production, and they want association with this event to add legitimacy to themselves. I suppose in business, that might be acceptable… but what is really sickening here, is the pretension in which the list is considered to be so special, when it is a promotional event. We all know that O Renouard frequently is quoted as saying how carefully she selects the girls, only from families of high standards, blah blah blah.

The photo credits on the Czech photobank say it all… Credit goes to Adler, Crillon Hotel, Nissan, Inifniti, MAC cosmetics and ALexander De Paris. All these have paid and contributed. Others in the list, employ Mrs. Renaourd to promote their names and give them status. We know this, because she now advertises this on her OR communications website. This event is pure promotion.

Glossed over is the facts about why 2010 was cancelled. The Sternlichts who owned the hotel no longer wanted her to do the event for them. Now, Sheik Wallid Saad (new Arabic owner of le Crillon Hotel) wanted a party thrown, so he could meet some celebrities. O Renouard must have promised him that. I am not sure if she delivered though.

It turns out a lot of the titles are fact

Corpo della Nobiklita- Ciculo Giovanile ( The result of the search returned No results match with the name Countess Olimpia Capodilista. The ‘Princess of Parma” also did not appear in that list. Unfortunately, according to a knowledgeable friend, he had a hard time finding any legitimate name on her list this year that is associated with an actual throne. In fact, in the case of Italy, no new titles were recognized after 1948. Anyone born after that time does not have a title. Early on, Le Bal was calling the Indians ‘princesses again, but quickly stopped that and no longer do. There is no such thing as an Indian princess.

Other issues abound… but I am out of time…. I really wish some others would start reporting the truth about this event.


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  1. 1 peerpressure9 December 2, 2011 at 6:06 am

    She blocked me. :-p

    Obviously trying to protect someone on the list. Hopefully the various agencies also consider that.

    Just remember everybody… The actual court cases against the Saipan companies… and also the incident in Mae Sot… are very available with no effort on the internet. Anyone that represses that information, or chooses not to include it in a ‘feel-good’ article about le bal, is obviously involved somehow. The truth will come out.

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