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Attn General director and Mrs Lauren Bush. It is hard for us to verify if Feed attended the le bal event, but for all appearances you did not, and for that we thank you. Hopefully our information, or research of your own helped you to make the right moral choice. According to News sources, the event still hopes to donate funds to you. I strongly urge you to reconsider any acceptance of such funds. While dirty money may help to feed a few children, it is the unethical acts of the parties attendants that will only multiply the amount of hungry children in the world top far worse proportions. Please reject any funds from that source(le bal), and make a clear public statement to the fact.

The following is the press release we have sent to some news agencies.

For General Release:
RE: Le Bal de Debutantes, Crillon, November 26, 2011

The children of Mae Sot (Thailand) and I would like to personally thank a few people for their recent commitment to fight human trafficking and exploitation of impoverished people.

Recently, news reached us about the Crillon ball event known as ‘le Bal du debutante’ being held at the Crillon Hotel, Paris France. Due to its sad history with labor exploitation, and subsequent years of decline, the region I write from has endured much suffering. It is still a major hub of various criminal focuses. Worst of all, the exploited men, women, and children endure much because the alternative, which is to stay in Myanmar(Burma) is not an option. Desperately, they seek refuge across the border, but are thwarted by those that would use them for profit.

When my associates and I heard of the le Bal event, known infamously for honoring Stanley Ho in 2009, we were shocked again to become aware of this years notorious guest lists. Indeed, once you gloss past the few celebrity names that are meant to legitimize the party, you see names like Silas Chou (formerly serving CEO of Tommy Hilfiger at a time that made Mae Sot famous due to the factories exploitation then of Burmese workers).  He is owner of family company Novel Industries, and leads the denim textile industry in Asia if not world wide. He was also associated with sweatshops and exploitation((EXPLOITATION IN GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINS: BURMESE MIGRANT WORKERS IN MAE SOT, THAILAND. Journal of Contemporary Asia, Vol. 35 No. 3, 2005, pp. 319-340.)). Another name on the list, Remy Fisher… descended from the family known for creating the Gap label. This label also has a history, along with J. Crew invitees (the Hornes) of sweatshops and specifically settled in regards to the incident in the US territory of Saipan (Made in the USA’ in near slave conditions… see examples such as http://law-journals-books.vlex.com/vid/gap-sweatshop-settlement-save-saipan-62029617).
Still more intriguing, the charity was the brainchild of Lauren Bush… who worked for Hilfiger in 2001 around the time of the Chou Mae Sot incident. And still more interesting was the Thai invitee, daughter of CP Group Thailand… known infamously for its connections to the Bush family(Lauren’s father specifically) and questionable financial behavior involving donations to no less than three former presidents. One after another , the Crillon Ball 2011 guest list was indeed outrageous for those of us working in the field. Especially since the event focus was on Haute Couture… which is supposed to relate to high quality production of gowns, the opposite of what you could expect from an Asian factory producing blue jeans.

We immediately began a plea to fellow NGO’s working to fight human trafficking and exploitation to help us inform the public and the event goers what was wrong. Still more perplexing was the fact that Demi Moore was on the guest list, and her name was being used to legitimize the event, even though she very publicly objects to human trafficking and tries to work towards the end of human slavery. We especially sent information to Mrs. Moore whom we felt was being misled, and may not have even realized who was actually on the guest list, as it is released only days before the event each year. We feel that corrupt agencies, and even legitimate though somewhat immoral industries use opportunities like these to legitimate or justify their activity. Even if they have remorse for earlier activity, it does not change how they made their billions and it can not undo the harm brought upon the exploited. Worst of all, it seems that the organizers of the event are well aware of their choices. They regularly claim that they carefully check and research the guest list. They have decades of experience. The organizers own website (orcommunication.fr) advertises her services of introduction in high society to improve image so they seem to deliberately manipulate and even lie to the media to reach their end.

We are happy to say that our small flash campaign was fairly successful. We could see its effects as the organizers of the event scrambled to repress information from the international news media. By the day of the event, the Chou family name was no longer celebrated, and no where in the media. Most importantly, we could see that somehow Mrs Moore independently made the right decision and decided not to attend due to the events conflict of interest with her charitable interest. (Despite party appearances recently (Halloween).

We will not rest as long as such immoral and unethical behavior exists. The fight is not over for any of us. This event still gets positive PR as if news agencies no longer fact check. They mislead the public, even some that have been informed of this events issues for years, they clearly pander to the monetary support behind their ownership. Keep up  the good fight, and wherever possible, cite the true life publicly recorded incidents related to each of the guests on the list.

We would like to warmly thank everyone who took part in our small flash campaign to get the word out, and especially Mrs. Demi Moore for her moral conviction to boycott the event despite the stress it may have introduced on her families thanksgiving holidays. We also would like to thank Mrs. Lauren Bush who also appears to have boycotted the event and stand against the causes of malnutrition. We thank you all from the dept of our heart.

UNODC Field Agent (Affiliated)
Further contact information withheld due to safety concerns.


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