Please post for me Peerpressure….

Hi- I keep trying to post these comments on news media coverage, but they always block me…. especially conde nast, daily mail, telegraph. Please post…. because it summarizes an important point about this years guests…


I was really disappointed to see in your wires section that you decided to run an AFP piece about the Crillon Ball de Debutante happening tonight November 26, 2011.

I thought you were a sincere newschannel. By just running that AFP piece without checking the background, you are re-posting and perpetuating lies about hype for an event that is a bit of a farce. AFP is being lied to, and by extension so are you. But you are independent. Don’t you do your own fact checking?

You need only see two major articles… to understand the guest list (though this is just the chip of the iceberg).

The guests a very much repeat users. Silas Chou’s family is there for the second time, he is mentioned by name in the following article:
Journal of Contemporary Asia, Vol. 35 No. 3, 2005, pp. 319-340.

Lauren Bush’s family is long involved. But do note, Lauren is the daughter of Neal Bush.
You can read more about him in this article:
Influence Peddling, Bush Style. The Nation. published this story on October 23, 2000.

Interesting enough, the article also relates to the Thai guest…Dhanin Chearavanont…another corrupt person.

Lauren Bush also previously worked for Silas Chou (Tommy Hilfiger)

Once you wash the wealth aside, you see a rather sinister collection of people who already know each other, and are perpetuating a lie to improve their reputations, as well as associate their products with French Quality.

The last issue you need to know is how this event has infringed upon the protected status of ‘Haute Couture’ for decades. There are some dresses that are Haute Couture. But the organizer deliberately misleads the public to believe that ALL gowns are Haute Couture when they are not. She writes the AFP pieces too!
She has gotten into trouble for this too. The President of the Chambre Syndicale de le Haute Couture has had to demand that she cease and desist from illegally using the term without his permission. The status of this protected French artisanship has been protected for nearly 100 years. The form is very much threatened by cheap Asian production of substandard goods by exactly producers like Silas Chou and others attending the event. They do this, obviously to increase the brand recognition of their substandard products. All of which further threatens the endangered status of Haute Couture. They do so while saying they are trying to celebrate it. Ironically, as the first article indicates, it is also the poor production ethics of exploitation and sweatshops in Asia that is also causing abject poverty in Asia. Isn’t it ironic, and hypocritical to be supposedly holding a charity for poverty persons to feed them? Isn’t it even worse to do so over some lavish event?

And meanwhile France24 and others like yourselves are treating it like real news, with real fame. All it that it is, is infamous. Go ahead and look deeper at some of the other amazing names that have been celebrated. There is worse. What I dealt with is just tonight’s guest list. Really just a chip of the iceberg.

Who am I? A field worker, writing you from Thailand… where I really try to help poor and exploited children, women, and men of Mae Sot.

If you have any self respect left as a news agency, and if you do not somehow owe it to this big money to help them perpetuate this lie, I strongly urge you remove the story, and if you print anything in the future, make sure its based on the facts… That the event is a fake, that they illegally infringe on a protected French institution for personal gain, that there is a constellation of powerful and corrupt persons trying to socially launder their names into society.
Every attendee knows about this. The Conde Nast publications blatantly support and run it, Bernard Arnault is tied up into it. Demi Moore found out about this, and my sources tell me she is not going to attend because it is in conflict with her anti Human trafficking charity. Clint Eastwood did similar 2 years ago when he chose to boycott due to the presence of certain other guests. The same issues of 2009 resulted in the cancellation of this event in 2010.

I sincerely hope you explore this, do your own fact checking, and inform your viewers honestly and ethically about the truth.

Sincerely Eliza


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