I love the quote! ‘To participate is to Endorse!’ Its so true!!!

Wow… le bal de Sweatshop! Somebody posted to me a letter that has been circulated to the potential guests of le bal de …….. Apparently, half of the guests seem related to human trafficking and slave labor in fashion production… (IE Tommy Hilfigar 2002 at Mae Sot Thailand; Gap, J Crew at Saipan and others… there is a lot of info on the net about these big issues…. and they seem directly in conflict with the charity ‘Feed’, as well as the charity work of Demi Moore against human trafficking!!!

From: UNODC Field Affiliate; Thailand.

This is not Spam. It is a general letter to several guests of the Crillon Bal event to be held Saturday November 26, 2011. It is extremely important that these persons see the content so that they can make their own decisions of how these facts may effect their reputations and careers.
You are either the direct contact or agent responsible. Please forward to them immediately.

Demi Moore ATTN Agents:
Andy MacDowell
Feed Organization; Lauren Bush
Amy Fine Collins CC Editor; Vanity Fair


Attn participants of the Crillon Ball 2011

As usual, the final guest list has been released at the last minute. Finally enlightening us of the complete assortment of expected guests who will attend with you. Ophelie Renouard always holds off until the end to hide this from other guests. As we have reported before, this is the problem with being an invitee of this event.. you never realize who or what you will be sitting with. The impact of which can follow your career forever.

In 2009, unsuspecting guests got the pleasure of honoring the granddaughter of Stanley Ho, a person well documented publicly with connections to Chinese Triad Mafia. The hypocrisy of course, of the charity… Enfant D’Asie… which allegedly fights to help women and children victims of violence and poverty in Asia. Any person in the field knows that organized crime (especially Triad) is the primary source of such problems.

It was outrageous. So much so that perhaps that is why the event did not even occur in 2010.

In 2011, the situation is no different. In fact, it may be even worse. Families honored include that of Silas Chou. He is a repeat guest. His first daughter has attended. Aside from his professional bio as an industry magnate in fashion production, you can also find him specifically pointed to in the case of exploitation of Burmese migrants in a place called Mae Sot.(EXPLOITATION IN GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINS: BURMESE MIGRANT WORKERS IN MAE SOT, THAILAND. Journal of Contemporary Asia, Vol. 35 No. 3, 2005, pp. 319-340.) While he was creating the international powerhouse of Tommy Hilfiger, he was doing so with near slave labor. Victims of human trafficking that if not used to produce clothing, could be put to work for worse. Mae Sot today, is now a major hub of human trafficking of the sex trade after the scandal broke, Hilfiger withdrew, and Chou allegedly sold his position in the company. The plight of Mae Sot, a wicked combination of corruption, big business, and victims. Silas Chou’s daughter is being honored here, as has his daughter Veronica been honored previously. Of course Chou cashed out of Tommy Hilfigar… but that does not erase his past, it just sealed his profit.

Chou is not alone.. the family (Remy Fisher) originally credited with the super-label of Gap Clothing… also has dark sweatshop history. Currently, under new owners, the Gap tries to exercise corporate responsibility. But in its infancy, it was infamous for its connection to human trafficking for near slave conditions. Information about this is easily accessed on public internet sources.

Misha and Teresa Horne, daughters of Tierney Horne the ‘driving force’ behind the creation of J Crew according to O. Renouard. J. Crew also has a confirmed history with human trafficking and virtual slave labor. Gap and J Crew is easy to find details of on the internet. Making this not the le bal de couture, but rather le bal de sweatshop.

As Chris Jenner would tell you… ‘To participate is to endorse’ … and she is right. She said so while advising her daughters about their choices in events they attended. This situation is not different. Take heed of her wise words because they are made by a famous person fully aware of the impact of media and association on the careers of people.

I strongly suggest you reconsider your involvement in this event. You have all received this because I think you are victims being used for your notoriety (fame), or reach because of issues you report on or promote(Human Trafficking, Fashion, etc.), or specific Charity work (poverty, human trafficking, etc), You have to think of your own careers, and that of your children. Once you participate in the list, you will be forever remembered as a participants and as you can see, these issues could follow you for decades.

The big business at the event knows it can use such ‘charity’ activity to legitimize their immoral actions. Further more it may legitimize their substandard product lines by association with ‘Haute Couture’, when in fact, the sweatshop could not be anything but the exact opposite.

The blatant hypocrisy of sitting across the tables and sipping wine with the fashion industry persons that have made billions on slave labor and human trafficking is really plain to see. These businesses brought an end to quality fashion and fair labor. These industries are one of the major stresses behind the demise of Haute Couture itself, which requires fair labor and high standards.

Feigning concern for poor children and or their enslaved mothers while sipping wine with the very industry heads that have actually enjoyed the wealth of their toil is outrageous. You did not know who was on the list until it was released too late. Do not forget, you are victims here, though the press and public may not view you as such. Mrs. Renouard knows who she is inviting. She is well aware of the criminal past of her guests, even if she were not, she has been informed by field workers like myself. She does this knowingly because it is her job to legitimize these people by associating them with fame, media, and personalities like yourselves. Her own website material shows how she specializes in the right introductions.

UNODC Field Affiliate


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