Indian Express article comes closer to the truth, but still full of lies from the organizers… I have tried to post the following comments to clarify…

This article is clearly based on the press releases from Orcommunications, distributed through AFP, Only the organizers and carefully selected reporters try to re-enforce its non-existent reputation with false claims of importance. There has not been any fact checking.

On account that Majarajas titles and privileges were disbanded by the Republic of India in 1971… they constitute a British Colonial administration over India and Pakistan… what exactly are the ‘princesses’? It seems to me there is no such thing as an Indian ‘princess’ despite what ORcomm wants to say; Isn’t this an insult to the republic?

You insult your readers by expecting us to accept the fluff without informing us about the truth, and you insult any Indian by honoring illegal use of colonial administrative titles. There is more, you need only look at some of the names on the internet to see the controversy, and embarrass any participant or paper the prints the false claims of importance.

*Because of various problems the event was canceled in 2010
*In 2009 Chinese Mafia was honored. Stanley Ho’s grandaughter participated. He is known for his past involvement with Triad to make his wealth
*The name changed because Mrs. Renouard has illegally used the name ‘Haute Couture’ which has protected status. Only current members can use the trademark.
*In addition to promoting products, She also is paid to promote the reputations of the girls.
*Some girls have specific connections to LVMH employees. Shaiyra Devi is niece of LVMH Asia representative. LVMH owns most of the fashion houses that donate the borrowed gowns. Bernard Arnault(LVMHowner, close friend of Stanley Ho according to Ophelie Renouard) has been a longtime supporter. His daughter participated some time ago.
*Papers with commercial or family relationship promote it. EG Telegraph, the daughter of the editor has participated. The US Vanity Fair writer has complimented it for years… and her daughter is in it in 2011!


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