ORCommunications… the true commercial entity behind lebal

ORCommunications (orcommunication.fr) has a new website put up sometime last year, and interestingly enough, it finally reveals a lot of what is being said about this event. It is pure commercialism in action. ORcom advertises how it will help you promote your business, family, etc through special staged events. It truly reveals that le bal is a commercial event and everybody there is trying to either get hard cash, or socially launder their name into a higher status. I guess that is ok for some people. If they need to pay to make themselves better, then I guess in a capitalist world that works, but lets stop the farce that this is some fairytale event for a charitiable cause. There still is not one shred of evidence that this has produced any charitable contribution. No one has come forard to say so, and the last ‘charity’ never reported any contributions from this event in its annual income statements. (Incidentally, the lebal event was DROPPED or has DROPPED the last charity Enfant D’Asie… cont.)


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