New Charity for Le Bal… What happened to the last one?

(Incidentally, the lebal event was DROPPED or has DROPPED the last charity Enfant D’Asie… cont.)

So where does that leave us…. for years, the private charity of Stephane Bern was the supposed recipient of le bal proceeds(friend of Renouard and MC since its beginning). No funds were ever published for the public, no claims made beyond that his charity somehow benefitted. Then the personal charity of another le bal insider was picked, and used 2 years in a row as her two daughters participated. The sheer hypocrisy of this one has been covered elsewhere here. Yet none of the Enfant D’Asie offices worldwide seemed to acknowledge connection (on their website for example), nor did they report proceeds… and NOW… surprise surprise, another ‘insider’ has come forward as the beneficiary… Lauren Bush herself has put her name behind a charity and that gets to be the supposed benefactor… If history serves, we can expect that this new charity is as twisted and corrupt as the last few… and I can not imagine what a little research into its financials will produce… but I am looking forward to finding out.


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