The Crillon Ball 2010 has been cancelled

According to several bloggers close to the source, the Crillon Ball has been canceled for 2010. (EG;, and Richard Kay, Daily Mail UK paper).
The organizers are trying to put the blame on renovations at the Crillon Hotel. However front desk at the hotel assures us that the hotel is fully operational, plenty of rooms available, including public spaces. So if you already have plans for that weekend do not fret. You will be fine. The Crillon Hotel is available. Also, if you happen to be looking for a good venue to hold a good sized event, the city of fashion has plenty to offer, even on short notice and in light of recent economic troubles is welcoming any new business. It is after all the venue in which the worlds fashion is paraded on catwalk after catwalk, in literally thousands of possible venues.


4 Responses to “The Crillon Ball 2010 has been cancelled”

  1. 1 Eugenia November 24, 2010 at 1:22 am

    Yes the Crillon Ball is no more. It is dead. At least as far as the Crillon hotel is concerned. It was only of interest to a limited number of publications, mainly American, who were spoonfed pictures of young girls dressed up like old fashioned aristocrats. The organiser hopes to revive it at another venue but of course it will not be at the Crillon hotel. –

  2. 2 Stuart White November 24, 2010 at 2:23 am

    Yes, and after thinking for several weeks about some comments on (that have since been deleted) I just can not see it happening anywhere in Paris. Lolapr had said that the organizers felt that ‘no other venue was suitable’… Ugh! In Paris?! The city is a treasure of luxury. It has hosted fashion shows for ages, season after season, year after year.
    I think we can safely assume that the statement from the organizers on Lolapr could be translated into… no other hotel would hire us to do this marketing stunt. After all, the Taittinger family hired Mrs. Renouard to stage a PR event for their hotel. The contract was extended over the years because the Taittingers saw it as a vehicle for their Parisian social lifestyle. Nowadays the commercial ownership of these massive hotels give little room or budget for such an extravagant as well as ineffective event. Aside from Arab Sheiks, there are not wealthy families that seek the fun of throwing a party like this. It is also doubtful that any Saudi wealth would bother with such a tacky affair. Clearly the Sternlichts’ who owned the Crillon as Starwood Capital/Group du Louvre; had inherited an employee contract. They tried to make it work for them, but obviously they severed the contract. Now, no other hotel or venue will give the organizers a contract to do this for free.
    In my humble opinion I do not think the organizer ever sent out invitations for 2010. I don’t think she hired any services to handle the event. I don’t think she reserved a room(rooms) in the hotel. I suspect that she new back in April or May of 2010 that there was not going to be an event and she had no money or support to do it herself. Technically, the event was not canceled. The employee just lost her job after the 2009 event was over.

  3. 3 Eugenia November 25, 2010 at 11:57 pm

    This was never a charity fundraiser. It was a hard-nosed exploitation of innocent children and unwitting parents by the the hotel’s PR. It was a fiction fed to a hungry but unquestioning and superficial media.

    • 4 Stuart White November 27, 2010 at 8:56 am

      I agree… and not to mention the obvious bias of Media… EG if you search Charlotte Methven, a prolific supporter of le bal in the Daily Mail UK newspaper, you find that her maiden name is Pearson… and related to the Cowdray lineage and castle by the same name. As it turns out, Methven’s niece Caranthia Pearson(supposedly lives at Cowdray castle) was a debutante in 2009, and for all I know other relatives participated throughout the years. Basically the media that has made press, all seem to have inside personal promotion that creates extreme bias. Another example is lady Kitty Spencers escort for 2009… a Tatler writer and also the person who seems responsible for making the outlandish claim to Forbes writer(and fellow friend) that the ball was one of the top 10 parties. This not so young escort (Richard Dennon) has been a participant for most if not all years of le bal. Of course he was pushing its promotion. Yet another example is the Telegraph… several complimentary pieces happened at the time that the daughters of the chief editor participated in le bal.

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