Lebal website was updated… finally admitting to what we have been saying…

Well finally… In January 2010… the organizers of le bal have changed their text on their official site. Admitting that they do not dress all the girls in haute couture and that only some girls get to wear haute couture gowns. They also admitted that none of the money they receive goes to charity. The only money that goes to charity is from guests on the night and given directly to the charity. In the meantime, the substantial stake that sponsors must put forward to support the event is devoted towards the organizers expenses.

It may not seem like an important point to some of you, but we have explained at length how the improper declarations in the past were infringing on the protected status of haute couture. We have also explained at length how such activity has a negative economic effect on Haute Couture.

While this action may not save the reverred institution of  Haute Couture, hopefully educating people about it will increase awareness and improve demand for this dying artform.

Sadly, the organizers have not fought to maintain the standard they set out to do… that is… sadly they do not intend to clothe all the girls in haute couture. It is a pity, since they should have the resources to do so, but as they have failed to maintain the social network over the years that would enlist the 20+ haute couture ateliers to their support. Instead they can barely get the support of a handful of designers.

Now it is up to the media not to misrepresent the ball either. I am just glad for the institute de la haute couture, because it appears that they have finally been paid the respect they deserve from the organizers and at long last lebal.fr has finally removed the lie that ‘all girls are dressed in haute couture gowns’. Now, it is only a matter of seeing which girls will be privileged enough among the few who will get the honor of wearing the haute couture while others have to settle for substandard marks.


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