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I was recently asked on another site my viewpoint of le bal… who I am , what I am doing… this article is a repost of that for anyone that wants to see it. It repeats some information already here, but it portrays some new details(e.g. Chirac guest) that people may need to be enlightened about. Best of all, it contains rich citations from verified sources… I am not making this up. I am just noticing and collecting the information together for the public good. Once you know the truth, it is up to you what you do with it.

I am a nobody that loves fashion. (not a rock star, not a celebrity, not the bastard of famous parents or nobility). I am also a social researcher and through a set of friends (fellow researchers) I became aware of this event and all the cloud of illusions they fabricate. I am trying to keep it real, because I think that the press and blogs are misleading people into just accepting the word of the organizers without seeing the ugly details. I have been following the event for about 3 years. My friends for longer. But only this year we seem to be getting more exposure with the new blog reality of the internet. (newspapers don’t like it when we correct them- they want to sell advertisement and they do not care if their articles are true or not).

For example, I was really upset when I saw that Stanley Ho and his granddaughter were honored guests for 2009. I have personally researched organized crime in Asia and the impact on women and children (trafficking, prostitution, drugs and violent crime). So I am fully aware of resources on the internet and in literature where governments have declared Mr. Ho a member, and even a leader of a Triad mafia group! (1) Mafia being the catalyst behind almost all trafficking, prostitution, etc in Asia (2). Imagine how annoyed I was at the hypocrisy when Enfant D’Asie was named as the charity! There is such a huge conflict of interest there, and nobody seems to have the morals to see it… On account that the charity did not withdraw when they were aware of the guests of honor, I doubt their morality. As mafia has a tendency to create fake fronts in the guise of charities, I am even more skeptical. Other sources cite that charitable networks can be fronts for organized crime activities in a variety of ways (3). Of course as a researcher, I do not post or comment about anything I can not cite from other valid sources. All of my comments are supportable (see the end of this email).

But the plot really thickens when you read the words of the organizers of the ball and find out that Bernard Arnault (multi billionaire Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy owner) is close friends and business partner with Ho! (4) Knowing that LVMH is the owner of many of the couture brands being displayed reveals even more about the tight knit interconnected relationships of it all.

(your readers can also research the public information of the following corporations and see the interconnectedness of it all on the boards of directors… (IE Starwood Capital(Crillon owner), Este Lauder (Mac Owner), Adler, Bernard Arnault, LVMH(owner of many haute couture houses), the sir name Ho, as well as looking at the management of the celebrities that have attended to date and their connection to Bryan Lourdes).

Even this year, they proudly announced (5) that Madame Chirac, former President Chirac’s wife was a generous contributor to the event…. but they fail to mention, and the public forgets, that Chirac is under indictment for embezzlement of public funds (as recent as October 2009!) (6)… so who actually contributed to the event… the Chiracs? or the taxpayers of Paris that were cheated out of their money by an allegedly corrupt politician?!?!? Supposedly (according to the Economist), Chirac was the ‘worst of any president the fifth republic’ of France! (7) Party on Madame Chirac!? Is her presence there a stamp of approval from the French?(as quoted in Welt )(5).

What’s odd is if you read foreign press comments from the organizers. In French and in German they openly mock and criticize American and UK participants! EG Berne insults Lady Kitty in a Swiss paper (French language) (8), Renouard mocks Americans as being over concerned about discrimination. As soon as they are promoting the event to the public in English, the tune changes.

There is such a deep well of scandal and impropriety waiting to come out. Anyone can discover this independently if they just take the time to look up the names and situations. For me, and my friends, we love fashion and we see this event as a really dark false image of what should be a great ant truly creative endeavor. Whenever we notice false information for this or any event, we make comments. And try to inform (and protect) the public… including your readers.
Thank you for letting me be a voice in your blog comments.

best regards,

(1) BNET: Mounties: Clinton Donor a Gangster (April 2000) available at [] and also another source on the library of congress online database:
(2) Brown, Louise. (2000) Sex Slaves: The Trafficking of Women in Asia. Virgo press, London. Pages 157-158 and 164-165.
(3) Voronin, Yuriy A. (1998) Organized Crime: Its Influence on International Security and Urban Community Life in the Industrial Cities of the Urals. pages 10-11 etc. pdf file available on the internet: [].
(4) Ophelie Renouard is quoted on WWD as stating the close friendship between the two. [http] and its no secret as there is also evidence of their business interactions in China []
(5) In this article Ophelie Renouard is quoted as saying Madame Chirac was ‘very generous’ this year.[URL:
(6) Many sources. This one available on Wall Street Journal online: []
(7) Economist article, available online at: [
(8) Stephane Berne’s article in the Tribune Geneve. []


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