Concerns over the involvment of Enfant D’Asie with le bal and one of its leading guests, Stanley Ho

Excerpts from communications sent to a charity for Southeast Asian children… concerning the honored guest Stanley Ho at the le Bal event in November 2009… The intention was to make sure the charity were well aware of who they would be receiving money from, and that they should consider the morality as well as the hypocrisy of involvement with anyone that has been considered to have connections to the Chinese Mafia… (source citation included below)

… …. a serious matter and it is my genuine interest to inform you so that you can take necessary action prior to November 20. This … … letter intended for responsible administrators of the Enfant D’Asie charity, and has also been shared with XXXXXXX XXXXXX who apparently supports the charity. … …

I have been made aware that your charity has been picked as the 2009 beneficiary of a promotional event known as le Bal des Debutantes in Paris , France which will take place at the end of November. The ball organizers have posted your logos and trademarks on their website. So whether or not you are aware you are the beneficiary, you are already being included in their printed promotional materials. They are also currently releasing press statements that distributes this same information.

I am a social anthropologist and I study children’s and womens concerns around the world. I have contributed to UN work for UNICEF, UNHCR and UNESCO; I became aware of the Le Bal event in my studies about how fashion media effects eating disorders in young women. I object to that Parisian debutante event because of discriminatory practices it uses, but also because of improper conduct of organizers against young women in the event (including a tort action which still has a legal case pending). Other issues include that they have been illegally infringing on the protected status of ‘haute couture’ which French industry has protected.

You can see the full seriousness of this situation on the following blog…, and that should be enough for you to withdraw your association from this elitist event, but it is not actually the main reason why I am urging you to withdraw. There is a much more serious issue at stake here, especially this year.

This year one of the star invitees is Ariel Ho-Tzear, Granddaughter of Stanley Ho. The hypocrisy of this elitist event giving charity to the Philippine, Cambodia , Lao, Vietnamese women and children charity is insulting. Any of us that study international trafficking of women and children, or of drug and violent crimes, or even of poverty, know that a major source of such violence is organized crime. Essentially violence begets violence and the wealth that the mafia has amassed is in part a result of the suffering and exploitation of women and children victims in Southeast Asia . Stanley Ho is considered a person of interest by the USA in connection with the Chinese Mafia. The Canadian authorities consider him a Triad (Chinese Mafia) member. (Asian Organized Crime 1999-2002) There is no question that the ‘sin city’ that grew to greatness in Macau under the power of Stanley Ho was very much his responsibility. I can’t imagine how many Southeast Asian women and children have been subjected to violence either directly or indirectly from the mafia and as such I think it is outrageous that the le bal event would have the nerve to name you the beneficiary but invite the grand daughter of Stanley ho as an elite guest of honor.

The immorality of it is also clear. No amount of money derived from crime or suffering should be accepted for charity. To accept it, is equal to approving the violence and perpetuating more violence on women and children around the world. No money from Mafia, no money from crime is acceptable. … … …
… In essence, they get to have a wonderful party in Paris , rub elbows with the others at the party, and feel good about the evils that have been brought on the world with their gambling empire in Macau and other industries in Hong Kong . I hope that you will ask yourselves, is XX,XXX worth the shame of accepting money from criminal sources, or of approving the past actions of Chinese Mafia? Is any amount of money morally justifiable?
… … …

I genuinely hope you consider this message carefully. I know that your charity work is difficult, and for a good cause, but I think you will agree that if Canada and the USA have concerns about Stanley Ho’s connection to the mafia, then you will also see the issue that you face if you accept money from this event which honors him. … …. …  I do not believe that the charity and the Ho family are morally compatible… …. …

There are many links to various information on the internet that implicate the Ho family with Organized crime, but in the case of Mr. Ho, there is a specific document I can point you to that may be considered very reliable.



1 Response to “Concerns over the involvment of Enfant D’Asie with le bal and one of its leading guests, Stanley Ho”

  1. 1 wrawNaili December 13, 2009 at 2:11 am

    A lot of of guys talk about this issue but you wrote down really true words!!

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