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Mrs Renouard created the concept of le Bal des Debutantes in Paris(according to an old wikipedia article, according to other sources) but the financing is strictly the responsibility of the Sternlicht brothers (Starwood Capitol, owner of the Crillon)
In essence the le bal organizer is an employee of the Crillon even though over time she tried to present herself as the sole core of the event
the ultimate objective of the event is to make money  for
her after she covers all her costs she sells the pictures of the girls to the media. French papers cite it as an auction to various sponsors who pay or offer various services to the organizers.
The gradual decline of the medias interest seems apparent, and the list of guest does not shine in recent years as much as in some earlier ones… but close inspection of all the names calls question to mind…


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  1. 1 anonymous October 11, 2009 at 5:37 pm

    The statements about fat girls are not only unethical, illegal, and absurd but also pretentious and misleading.
    If indeed ‘no fat’ girls were accepted what was Scout Willis doing in that event?
    A group of girls from Beverly Hills high school told me that they did not bother to apply as the height requirement was minimum 5ft. 7in. tall.
    They all woke up one day and saw Billy Lourde as a participant she is approx. 5ft tall!
    It is all about how scandalous the parents are so the pictures of the girls can fetch a price when sold to the press
    Starwood capital should try and make income by successful investments and not by selling pictures of minor girls.

  2. 2 anonymous October 11, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    Based on the lists here and online, over 90% of the girls are from divorced background or with parents unmarried at the time of birth or even unknown or unverified fathers.
    It seems the Crillon prefers them that way so they can makes sales and traffic the pictures after the event and generate income without any trouble.
    This also partially answers the question of why parents would entrust their children to the humiliation of this event… because they are not there, or they are not responsible parents.
    The rest of the answer is even easier when you think how many people begged to put their money in the hands of Madoff.
    ponzi techniques (Social and maybe otherwise) have been successfully used here to make the Crillon look artificially exclusive and rare.
    The tough economic times have brought up the bitter truth and the event has serious problems in generating income from the media and the ever deserting sponsors

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