The bal… excerpt from with commentary (work in progress)

The following is the excerpt from the wikipedia site on October 9, 2009 concerning the hotel Crillon. I have added comments in italics. (work in progress)

My comments are based on my own experiences and research.

Debutante Ball

Each year, the Hôtel de Crillon holds the annual Bal des Débutantes (Debutante Ball) for the benefit of a charity. This unique and exclusive event, created by Ophélie Renouard and her team in 1991, is a “coming out” party for twenty-four young women, aged between 16 and 19, whose families are all members of the elite worldwide.

Actually, the roster can be viewed on the le bal website and it has not always been 24 girls. Anytime it was less than 24 girls, it reflected an incident in which the organizers dropped a girl off the list at the last minute. (it is easy to come up with replacements on short notice, these were very last minute changes.)

The “new debs” all wear gowns from the French haute couture houses or leading international fashion houses.

This is not true. In fact the organizers are under investigation for illegally misusing the term ‘haute couture’ and they have been warned by the ‘Chambre syndicale de la haute couture’ to cease and desist from improperly using the term. In France, the term ‘Haute Couture’ is a protected distinction and only members of the chambre are allowed to use it. The list of designers is publicly available on the Le Bal website as is the list of Chambre members on the federation website and anyone can see the list of names are not the same. In fact, many ready-to-wear and lower quality
high-street’ popular brands are substituted and unfortunately contribute to the degradation of the haute couture title. There is no way that a made in China ready to wear dress will be comparable to a Parisian haute couture gown. See for yourself on the list of previous debs. Furthermore this statement should be corrected. The debs borrow samples off the rack from some design houses. These pieces are never made to measure which is the essence of what couture is. Instead, all girls are expected to have extremely low BMI (dangerously low) in order to fit some of the pieces. Supposedly, no matter how elite the girls or their families are, if they do not fit the sample dress they can not be in the event. (there are many things wrong with this, but I will reserve that until another post)

American presidential niece Lauren Bush caused a sensation when she was presented on the arm of Prince Louis de Bourbon at the 2000 ball.

This is true, the niece of George W and granddaughter of George senior, two of the most unpopular presidents in US history. But it was not even Jeb Bushes daughter (Jeb being an unpopular governor), it was the niece of a third, virtual outcast among the brothers. Famous for trying to use the family name to further themsleves, this Bush family jumped at the chance and of course the media was amazed and in awe of the name at the time… but really… how low do you have to go?

Excerpt from Sam sloans big family tree
Neil Mallon BUSH … [the father of Lauren] was born on 22 Jan 1955. He married Sharon in Jul 1980 in Texas. The marriage ended in divorce.
Neil Bush has often appeared the weak link in a family that in a decade has won control of the White House twice and the powerful governorships of Texas and Florida.
He was caught in the financial scandal that hit US savings and loan institutions and ensnared the careers of leading politicians during his father’s presidency. He was tied to the failure of the Silverado Banking, Savings and Loan Association, at a cost of $1 billion (£635 million) to US taxpayers forced to guarantee its accounts.
Sharon married Neil Mallon BUSH in Jul 1980 in Texas. The marriage ended in divorce … Sharon Bush is planning to write a tell all on the Bush family, (sic… obviously even more to know than we have already seen)
Bangkok Scandal… caught in Bangkok with prostitutes. led in part to the divorce. He married another divorce.

Her appearance led to a modeling contract with Tommy Hilfiger. Other young women that will make their first appearance at the Crillon Ball are Lauren’s sister Ashley Bush; Amanda Hearst;

Amanda Hearst is written in as if you should be impressed… however Amanda Hearst is not a child of Randolph Hearst. Her mother Anne may have been a Hearst, but the only reason the name is mentioned here now, (besides to try to bedazzle the media and suckers who put too much stock into names without doing their homework) is because she is a bastard. Her father separate from her mother before she was born. While that may not matter to most modern day celebrities, its quite an issue with the old school where bastards were virtually ostracized.

Victoria and Vanessa Traina;

Danielle Steele is the mother. these girls are from her 4th marraige… after the heroin addict.. and the serial rapist/ convict… While Steel is certainly one of the most published authors, as far as social status its been hit and miss…

Diana and Angela Mellon; The Mellons… such a famous name… but who are they really? Their father is James Mellon, the grandson of the original family patriarch who made their wealth. I know that James Mellon is an author… about slave issues, equal rights… the irony! Now most of the family seem to be divested from the businesses that really made them wealthy in the first place…In other words, I am not sure that there is really much money left.

Kathleen Kennedy; ???

the daughter of Italy’s prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, Barbara;  Oh where do we begin with the scandals around the Berlusconis… maybe save that for another time… but if you are following the news, you know dads into all sorts of scandal…

Princess Costanza Della Torre e Tasso; Princess sounds so wonderful doesn’t it?! Do you homework! There is no Greek Royal family. Aside from the fact that it was a puppet monarchy in the first place, put there so that Northern Europe could dominate a part of southern Europe that had not had its own united monarchy for ages. Those that keep clinging to the Greek titles are tiresome. They have not held Greek monarchical power for ages, and there will never be a return. You have to have a kingdom to be a princess. But it gets better! Constanza Della Torre e Tasso is the daughter of an Italian Duke. She is third in line and has no chance of inheriting a duchess title either. He(father) himself is the child of a broken marriage (from a time when marriages were not normally broken by divorce either). AND his mother Princess Eugene had been married before. He is not the child of his mothers first marriage but her second and the Duke was her third child… The bottom line to remember… even if you still revere the ancient traditions of European monarchy is that there are a lot of suspect cases where people are declaring themselves monarchy when in fact they have no right to do so. The organizers are hoping the readers will not notice, or that newsmedia will not dig deeper than the superficial.

Countess Anastasia Tolstoy; Another questionable title? I have not had time to research her.
Alice Ferguson, sister of Sarah, Duchess of York; Divorcee sister who managed to keep a title in a divorce settlement, but don’t forget the original scandal… Ferguson was not of royal blood in the first place. True nobility would not have divorced.
Eva Rice; Daughter of Lyracist Time Rice (new money in record industry) Father had affair that resulted in divorce a year or so before she participated in the Debutante ball.

Lily Collins daughter of the singer Phil Collins; Lady Tatiana Mountbatten (another sad situation… child of yet more divorced parents… why does that matter? Maybe it should not, but the organizer of le Bal acts like every family has to have father and mother and traditional values… when in fact, the majority of her guest list is always the children of divorce, and many are born  without their parents having married (in English that is referred to as a bastard) ; Cosima Ruiz de la Prada  daughter of the designer Agatha; Belen Domecq (spanish socialite);
Princess Lorenza de Liechtenstein  Very suspicious use of a title… my sources can’t find any Lorenza in the Princely line of Liechtenstein. I’ll get back to this last set… theres too many things to write…

Princess Fawzia Latifa of Egypt; Another ‘Princess’ without a country. Maybe I should be the Prince of Pinzance.

Elisabeth Senghor; Princess Caroline Murat; Princess Sarah Poniatowska; Diane and Chloé Bouygues; Caroline and Nadine Ghosn; the granddaughters of Filipino-Spanish entrepreneur Jaime Zobel de Ayala, Paloma Urquijo Zobel and Maria Zobel de Ayala y Anderson [1]; Marie-Solène d’Harcourt; Delphine Arnault; Ségolène Frère; Princess Alexandra de Croÿ; Harumi Klossowska de Rola; Izumi and Yuki Mori; Sarah Miyazawa Lafleur;

as well as the granddaughters of President Mikhail Gorbachev, Xenia and Anastasia Gorbacheva   (no fat girls? How its it that most girls are starved to fit into the gowns but these girls were allowed… );
and Zoe, daughter of Russian entrepreneur Janna Bullock; the niece and granddaughter of architect I. M. Pei, Penelope Pei tang and Olivia Pei;
and Bao Bao Wan, granddaughter of Wan Li, former chairman of the Chinese National People’s Congress and executive vice-premier of China, What the heck is the grandaughter of a communist party chairman doing at an elitist event like this? Why aren’t more chinse people upset about this? Mao must be turning in his grave? Or would have have sent his daughters to this event too at the expense of the chinese peasants? as well as daughter of Wan Jifei, chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trading. DITTO

I hade to skip ahead to get somewhere with this article. I will return to those names… there really is just too much mud to sling over it all. Its full of scandolous new money meets poor noble bastards and children of broken marraiges. A few names trying to ascend the social later… but really the social association with some of these notorious examples can’t be good.

In actuality this event may not strictly qualify as a debutante ball at all. It is alleged that Mrs. Ophelie Renouard seeks the children of big-name celebrities and nobility and uses their images to promote fashion and increase income for her PR company in Paris. (Finally someone dipicted the truth in the wikipedia article)

Many of the girls may have already ‘come out’ elsewhere. (Like the Mellons)

According to some, in recent years the celebrities have tended to be not so well-known and the dress designs, though still from couture fashion houses, are often from previous seasons, not appropriate for young women, and (having been created for fashion models) do not fit well on the often younger and smaller girls attending the ball.
(interesting comment about ‘appropriateness’… there is something kind of silly about the way some of the girls look in these gowns that have been made for more mature women. Kind of like dressing up in costumes or in Grandmama’s old gowns…)

It is a strictly “invitation only” event. (yes- apparently this is strictly controlled by the original organizer, but there have been cases where designers like Karl Lagerfeld have insisted and got girls into the event).

There are both accolades and critiques of this event. On the one hand, young women may be excited by the opportunity to visit Paris, participate in this fashion event, and even bring two members of their family to see it (only two for each girl in most cases). (that is, girls that normally don’t have the opporunity to do it… any of the true elite of this world can afford to do better on their own, in the privacy of friends)

Critics are concerned that Mrs. Renouard tends to insist on a very low BMI for the girls so that they fit size 2-4. While this emphasis on overly skinny women is similar to that of the entire fashion industry, critics say it is not necessarily healthy or appropriate for a family event. (so true!!! OMG I have to write more about this, but it will be in a completely other post. for now, just notice how upset people get about overly skinny models at the expense of the healthy self-image of our daughters on HUFFINGTON POST.)

Allegedly parents are required to sign over to Mrs. Renouard’s company all rights in all photographs of their children while at this three-day event without any compensation to the child or to the parents, and during the event the child is also made to participate in photo shoots at the design houses for the purpose of promotions and glossy magazine photo ads. Mrs. Renouard’s company in turn sells those rights to various media outlets. The child and two guests are treated to a meal and a cocktail party, and the child can be considered a model for the dress.
(isn’t there a models union… shouldn’t they be bothered about this like the Institute of Haute Couture was when they found out the organizers were using the term without pay… Should these girls be allowed to model the couture gowns in Paris and in print media without being union members?)
(Are you sure you want to sing the rights to your daughters image away forever?)

Others are concerned that children may face excessive criticism and scrutiny in the media or social circles. (I hear that… welcome to… If you want to enter the world of public media you are open territory)

Promoters and sponsors are present at the ball for their own promotional purposes and benefits; e.g., jewelers attempt to sell their products.
(this is a pretty amazing thing actually… The granddaughter of Ilias Lalaounis was a past participant. He is one of the most famous of Greek jewelers. Because the event was sponsored by another jeweler, the grandaughter could not promote or wear the families precious jewelry, or truly promote the interest of the family… why participate at all?! and again, couldn’t you have your own big party? did you have to put your child out to be some low quality model and work for free?)

The ball has reportedly experienced a slow decline of wealthy and noble participants, just as there has been a decline in the couture fashion industry. Hollywood celebrities and musicians are preferred for their obvious media appeal to the general public and the perception that they enhance the sales of images and featured promotional products to various media outlets. Some former sponsors, such as the jeweler Mikimoto, have withdrawn for unstated reasons.

(my last comment for this post… If you really value the future of your daughter, seek better places to where she can come out. There are fantastic ones- one in the US I highly recommend. There are also other places and parties.
Any edit suggestions? Feel free to share them with me. I promise to keep your information confidential. I am even willing to repost your comment for you and delete your original one if you ask me… that way there will be no record of your IP)


21 Responses to “The bal… excerpt from with commentary (work in progress)”

  1. 1 anonymous October 11, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    For many years I knew this was a scam
    I had big hopes that Starwood capital would have superior management skills and scrutinize the actions of their French employees who have abused the name haute couture and profited by misrepresenting it.
    my biggest question is where is the ministry of economics and what is the reason they are tolerating such behavior from the Crillon
    The reputation of haute couture has been so degraded by this event that couture homes closed and qualified French workers went to the unemployment line
    Today this is economic crime and should be punished as this is only the beginning .what is going to prevent tomorrow Spanish producers of excellent cavas marketing them as champagnes and Italian brandy as cognac if the ministry does not protect these unique cultural products
    It is a major responsibility of the French government to protect the French economy from the abusers who betray the legally gained advantages for their own profit.
    I am shocked particularly in the case of fashion as one of the plus points of the wife of the French president was her boost of French fashion due to her modeling career.
    This is a scandal of government and an insult to the French labor rights.

  2. 2 anonymous October 12, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    It is absolutely disgraceful that Delphine Arnault participated in that event. In those earlier days maybe that event was newer and the deception less obvious to media and participants but how can Delphine sit back today and watch the event degrading her beloved Dior couture being presented along with Luella.
    Maybe then it is true (as a large portion of the experts support) the Dior brand cosmetics perfume and couture is equal to Luella quality, but just way overpriced and therefore the time has come for the savvy consumer to abandon the Dior illusion

  3. 3 anonymous October 12, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    The Mellon family has participated three times to this event
    even though i never was clear about their direct relation to the big name and the evaporated fortune of the Mellon family. I always had the following question;
    the author career that the father pursued is based on black freedom and equality. How can they accept their daughters to participate in an elitist idea like this one? Or to be lined up after the presentation literally like pieces of furniture so the one or two big name girls can dance and the precious pictures that are sold later to be taken.
    In all the true debutantes that I have been, the big moment is when all the girls with their escorts dance the waltz equal free and undiscriminated against.
    How can any parent accept this open and documented offense
    and sacrifice the honor and pride of their daughter in the altar of the founders income? Or the temporary celebutante status that is accorded the top girl or girls… (look at the video available on the net for Nov 2008 to see what I am talking about).

  4. 4 anonymous October 12, 2009 at 7:53 pm

    The stunted careers that the girls had after the Crillon debutante is only matched by the bad luck the event brought to the parents.
    Barbara Berlusconi and the ever increasing scandals of the family.
    Margherita de Pahlen Agnelli and the fortune scandals of fiat are only small samples of the parody of the event.
    Is there any parent that really wants his child to look up to these families? Is there any family that wants to rub shoulders?

  5. 5 anonymous October 12, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    I was totally shocked with the low height and hefty bmi of the girls in the 2008 presentation.
    I was also surprised to see Alain Delon’s daughter (I believe the parents never married). He is a long forgotten french star.
    In fact in Asia his line of clothing is largely disappearing as nobody knows him anymore.
    If anyone thinks that those are celebrities nowadays, then she must be over 80 years old and live in a world of nostalgia for the past.
    No wonder the organizer of the event avoids to reveal her age and dresses 16 year old girls like old ladies.
    Again it was up to the management of the Crillon to choose an employee that is fresh, young, family oriented, and knowledgeable so that the event had the seal of quality and respect.
    The current choice is the very worse. She has a notorious family background mysteriously clouded in Cambodia (The timeline of her fathers dates there, the Kmer Rouge event, her eventual arrival in Paris, and her obvious age just do not match up), alleged studies in psychology (according to a newspaper article in the UK), total lack of understanding of ‘haute couture’ since sur measure should be to any body and not just skinny girls (‘fat girls’ as cited in Telegraph), volatile, and cover up of posing as a PR firm (she uses and pays a different company to PR the event for her- making her a middle person- this is according another source in that other PR firm)

  6. 6 anonymous October 12, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    Another deceiving fact of the event is that according to the organizer the Crillon is too small for her enormous demand and she has to limit the invitations to 2 guests and 4 if they are from the USA.
    Last year many girls brought a lot more than 2 or 4 guests and they were empty seats so the host had to invite irrelevant people to fill them.
    I know social circles in Paris that found out about it and scorned the event to pieces.
    When the Chinese and Russian press picks up on it along with the fact of phony aristocracy, bastards, and 5ft high girls the event will loose the last manipulated markets.

  7. 7 anonymous October 13, 2009 at 12:19 pm

    I am one of the b.h. high students that was put off from applying for the Crillon as i am only 5.5 ft and I heard the organizer does not accept requests.
    I look tall next to Billy Lourde but i still thank god for not being involved with this event.
    Unlike other fathers my dad is a straight man and was married to my mother when i was born. He never had any relationship with Karl Lagerfeld in fact my family thinks he(Karl) is the most untalented caricature we have ever seen (we make it a pastime to scorn the Japanese women on rodeo looking absurd in the Chanel clothing which does not fit them).

  8. 8 anonymous October 13, 2009 at 12:30 pm

    the event has presented girls with nonexistant or ficticious titles
    as far as families that achieved accomplishments the only claim to fame was sex scandals divorces and humiliating media exposure.
    It is the latter attributes that the Crillon is seeking as those exact demeaning distinctions make the sales of the pictures appealing to the media.
    True wealthy important and responsible parents send their children
    to other real debutantes that raise real money for the charities and
    are free from the passions of any potentially unbalanced organizer.

  9. 9 anonymous October 13, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    the muslim world is most ashamed of this event
    participating in it is equivalent to accepting child birth without prior marriage or irresponsible family planning with the father unknown
    in a recent interview i heard Barry Sternlicht saying that a muslim family handed him a check for 140 million euro for investments
    if that family participated or not in the Crillon event they have betrayed the essence of their religion

  10. 10 anonymous October 13, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    a journalist friend of mine that seems to know a lot about the event told me that the hosts were extremely upset and disappointed with the event organizer as the hotel was empty during the event in 2008 and the money raised for charity shamefully low
    The organizer proposed to ask each of the girls for 5000 us contribution and thus terminate the free exclusive status of the event again this adds to the decline of the concept and cannot reverse the fact that no serious media seems to care about it. The event was never free as the girls and parents paid with their pictures traded to the media
    if the media continued to pay for those pictures there would be no need to charge the girls
    the organizer probably needs not only lessons in savoir faire but also basic economics

  11. 11 anonymous October 13, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    when i was in london i came across a prominent solicitor who worked with margaret thatcher and came to know michael Gorbachev
    evidently 5 or six years ago the lebal organizer had an incident with mr
    Gorbachev as she threatened to cancel his grandaughter accusing her of being fat
    after considerable battles an agreement was reached for the girl to diet and thus participated in the event
    i asked the sol icitor why Mr Gorbachev insisted and did not tell her to go to hell and he told me that he would have but the girl was already excited about the event and she might have experienced psychological problems
    evidently messing with child psychology is a modus operandi of this event
    after the girls are invited and tell their friends, the organizer feels she can cancel them and corners the defenseless parents who are concerned about the balance of their child.
    Many frustrated ones remained silent or even supported her as they had no other choice after they have been partners in crime with the organizer.

  12. 12 anonymous October 13, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    Every year there is a Chanel couture gown
    In fact Miss Olivanes was interviewed in the press and said that she did not want to bother with the event but changed her mind when promised a Chanel gown (contrasting the organizer who tells the press that she only chooses girls that only want to be in the event). In 2008 Billy Lourdes grand-daughter of Debbie Reynolds and probably the shortest girl wore a Chanel gown thanking her father for his relationship with Karl Lagerfeld
    The Crillon event has been promoting deadly BMI for the participants and it is therefore no surprise that Karl Lagerfeld
    is soliciting participants and gowns.
    Mr Karl Lagerfeld is in the media debate epicenter now of favoring models with dangerous if not lethal bmi
    both him and the Crillon debutante have every reason to have such a stand as they are untalented
    the design of the clothing is strictly dependent on the sickly body of the model and not on making a certain body look good which is the principal of good design.
    A hairdresser once told me the final color of your hair is dependent on present hair of color+new color shade+new color level+time chemicals stay on you+ + +.
    My question the is if you take the original and only genius of Chanel -the enormous budgets spent-the body of Claudia Schiffer- the social magazines exposure -the support of Carolina of Monaco-the skill of the Chanel couturiers-the caricature look-Nicole Kidman———–what is left about the talent of Karl Lagerfeld
    i was only happy to read Sarah Mower calling his last summer couture collection mediocre as i believe given the genius of Madame Chanel the enormous budgets and the skilled labor of the Chanel house any young designer could have done no worse.
    It is no wonder that he supports the event of the Crillon as it parallels his own illusion based on name dropping expensive pictures and lavish fashion shows that have shadowed real talent and social values.
    Today however in the age of economic reality neither the event nor Chanel could escape the fate of deserved decline and debacle

  13. 13 anonymous October 14, 2009 at 10:12 am

    hypocrisy is tthe name of the game
    the sternlicht brothers that promised the san franscisco pension fund a 20% return teamed up with the organizer of le bal, technically an employee that has been mesmerizing the media with fantastic imagery for some years now
    I was a guest the year the alcoholic girl walked without her shoes on
    the organizer told the press that the girl was so nervous that she had a drink and forgot her shoes
    for those idiots of us that stayed at the Crillon we know that it would have taken two minutes to go to the room and bring the shoes.
    the reason the drunk girl walked bare foot was because she was so alcoholic that could not balance herself on the high heels.
    Are the rest of the parents stupid? do they not read the stories of the debutantes who came to Paris and escaped the Crillon to go to discos to enjoy hot french hunks(they post their experiences on the web)
    Do these girls have parents at all?

  14. 14 anonymous October 14, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    I am surprised Oprah Winfrey did not yet pick upon this nonsense event
    Oprah loves abuses against minor girls
    Oprah worships discrimination on the basis of weight
    Oprah adores french rudeness and arrogance
    i hope she exposes the Crillon event the illusive organizer and the unbelievably naive parents soon

  15. 15 anonymous October 14, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    i really cannot believe that the organizer/ le Bal was able to mislead magazines like vanity fair, vogue, and point de vue
    i am canceling my subscription to them instantly as i feel it was their responsibility to research the story and inform the readers responsibly and not take for granted the fiction that the event was selling them
    i am outraged at the irresponsibility of the media when i think what this woman could have done to my daughter

  16. 16 anonymous October 14, 2009 at 3:06 pm

    when in rome last year i was in november in the valentino couture in piazza minianelli
    a roman socialyte confessed to me that all the circles of rome call it the debutante des bastards as most girls were born when the parents were unmarried or divorced
    infact she said we replace a p with b somewhere in the text so that it fully reflects the poses that they make the girls take in the couture houses legs up lean on tables caressing walls etc
    a true wealthy and honorable family would not seriously let their child be a victim of the le bal cash box

  17. 17 anonymous October 25, 2009 at 7:24 pm

    thereality is obvious no matter how much the organizer has tried for years to misguide the media
    there are two classes of invited guests the sellers and the fillers
    the sellers are usually illegitimate bastards or from previous divorced children of hollywood stars or scandalous nobility and they contribute to the selling of the pictures with their media appeal
    the fillers are the ones without media appeal and they are lined up at the end of the presentation like background furniture so that the sellers can start the dance and the pictures to be sold can be taken
    the media is the wisest over time they have dramatically reduced their interest in the pictures making the event more of a stigma than an honour
    why the starwood capital(current owners of Crillon) and estee lauder(sponsor/ supporter) are still supporting this parody is a mystery to be revealed in the future

  18. 18 anonymous October 25, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    i did not see any fat free girls last year i only saw some really short girls wearing clothes that do not fit them and mostly not haute couture
    infact i own the Carolina Herrera dress in the same exact color and i bought it really from the closeout rack of my nearby factory outlet
    my size is 6 but i think the one used was more of an 8
    why all this lies

  19. 19 anonymous October 25, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    I am impressed with the attendees this year.
    The big names are a bastards born out of the wedlock and the daughter of divorced nobility involved in sex drug and anorexia scandals. Plus Chinese mafia- how impressive…
    I must confess initially i did not pay a lot of attention to this site but now i think it is the bible.
    god help us all as i feel the Sternlicht brothers might be using USA pension funds (from California) and tax money to fund this disgrace!

  20. 20 anonymous October 28, 2009 at 10:40 am

    I heard that lady Spencer is participating this year
    this is a joke the girl is actually 20 years old. She has been featured for the last two years in all kinds of magazines and did not go anywhere.
    this event will only ridicule her and her family.

  21. 21 anonymous October 28, 2009 at 10:43 am

    A reader sent this for posting… feel really sorry for Stephane Berns he is a good journalist and always upbeat guy why is he supporting this event?
    On top of everything the event is illegal and it seems he should not associate his good name with it anymore since the aristocracy is mostly uninvolved or being pushed to the back the scene…

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