Mission Statement

My mission statement for this blog is simple. To protect innocent minors from being emotionally or physically harmed from unscrupulous people and or corporations.

Lately, I need to inform the public about a serious matter involving the organizers, partners and corporate parents of ‘le bal’ or as others call it, ‘le bal des haute couture that is held annually at the Crillon Hotel.

It is ultimately up to everybody how they will personally choose to use this information. My purposes is to tell you what I research and or witness first hand.

RE: :Le Ball… I personally recommend against allowing your daughter to participate in the Paris event, especially when there are amazing and beautiful events that are far better. (Examples could include holding your own exclusive charity event for your daughters birthday, or if you prefer the public sphere, taking part in truly high caliber charity events, or if your heart is set on a debutante, I highly recommend a very famous one held in New York every two years… I also have mixed feelings about the Queen Charlotte Ball which has recently been resurrected. Any family from anywhere on the planet, if you are interested in this alternative, just contact me using this blog and I will give you better details and I may also be able to provide you with a direct recommendation to the New York organizers or the London organizers.

In the case of Le Bal at the Crillon, what you need to know will be reported as quickly as possible on the following posts. But in short, it is a commercial pr attempt to improve the image of the Crillon, and assorted sponsors as well as create a side income for the organizers as they take your daughters image and try to pander it to media at a high price. Neither you nor your daughter will be compensated for this.

Furthermore, your daughter will not necessarily be dressed in Haute Couture as most of the Haute Couturiers have dropped out. She will be made to squeeze three girls per room and run around by the staff and all will bow to whomever the organizers believe is their guest of honor. You will not know until the last minute if the bal will feature the daughter of some passe Hollywood D-list celebrity or persons linked to Chinese mafia(!) citations available… but just go to library of congress and search Stanley Ho + asian organized crime.

But don’t let me confuse you now. This primary post is just to warn you that you may not want your families name to be forever married with the other guest who may end up on this list, nor do you want your daughters image to be forever etched in a negative light.

This event is no longer a debutant in any real sense, it no longer respects the nobility that is was built around, preferring instead political or Hollywood names, and frankly its charity impact is pitifully small. Worst of all, committing to the organizer forces you to belittle yourself to the whims of an opinionated but not expert crew of characters who will expect the work of you, but the minute you choose to voice an opinion in defense of your daughter, they will drop you immediately, even at the last minute. They have allegedly done it at least 3 times, maybe more.

As far as other issues, of which I research and report on, I prefer to post them on blogs of their own.


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